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Yay (?) for Global Warming

From the EPA's kid site for climate change:

What Might Happen? It is important to understand that scientists don't know for sure what climate change will bring. Some changes brought about by climate change will be good. If you live in a very cool climate, warmer temperatures might be welcome. Days and nights could be more comfortable and people in the area may be able to grow different and better crops than they could before. But it is also true that changes in some places will not be very good at all.(

Sol LeWitt

Okay, for anyone who closely monitors my blog, you may have noticed that over the past week or so I've been switching back and forth between using "LeWitt" and "Lewitt" in one of my earlier posts. This is because everywhere I've read his name lately does it differently. So at first I had "LeWitt" because that's what I thought I remember seeing it as. But then I saw it somewhere else as "Lewitt," so I lower-cased the "w" on my post. But then while at work the other day, I noticed that our folder on him was "LeWitt." So I just used the Library of Congress authority files to see what the official form of his name is... and I was right from the beginning, it's LeWitt. I guess I need to be more careful about where I get my info from.

Also, if you have published anything and are wondering how the Library of Congress forms your name, you can check out the authority files here. Just make sure you search under yo…

Crunch Time

So I'm now officially at the part of the semester in which I can no longer procrastinate (though that didn't stop me from going out with matt this morning). I have 3 research papers due in the next week and a half, and I have 0 amount of significant work done for any of them. Well actually i have most of the research done, just very very very little of the writing done. And unfortunately, I think I have writer's block. I can't even seem to make very coherent outlines at this point in time. It's very frustrating. But I'm gonna have to push through and come up with something. Fortunately I have most of this week off from work. My boss and the reference librarian are going to an art's librarian conference, so instead of working tues/wed, I'm going to work fri and next monday (to help cover their absences). So that means that I have most of this week to write my papers... but unfortunately it means that I have hardly any time next week to finalize …

My Family's Reaction to the News that I am a Vegetarian

a story my sister just told me...

Sarah: ohhh i have a story for you!!
Jessica: ooh i want to hear
Sarah: im watching planet earth with dad
Sarah: it was the rainforest one
Jessica: what is planet earth?
Sarah: um..we'll get to that in a minute
Sarah: anyways
Jessica: ok
Sarah: ..its on discovery for some background info
Sarah: a mini series that took 5 years tofilm
Sarah: and shows like..all this nature sstuff
Jessica: oh ok
Sarah: so i came downstairs to watch it in hd
Sarah: and theres are part when there is a chimapnze raid kind theyre like fighting eachother
Sarah: and one side kill another chimp from the other side & eat it
Sarah: and dad goes"guess jessica cant eat that"

that pretty much sums up my parents reaction...

What, No Library Science?

Your Learning Style: Unconventional and Insightful
You are very intuitive and ingenious. You're attracted to any field of study that lets you break the rules.

You Should Study:

Art history
Comparative religions
Eastern religion
PhilosophyWhat Should You Study?

NPR and Sol LeWitt

I never used to listen to NPR. I think it's because I always thought that all they did was talk about politics and other things of non-interest to me. But lately I've decided to give them a try. This link goes over a review of the song "This is Why I'm Hot" that I heard a couple days ago. It's a very unique way of analyzing a piece of music.

Also, just thought I'd mention that the minimalist/conceptualist artist, Sol LeWitt died this past week. (Part of my job requires that I read the obits of major newspapers... so I'm pretty on top of who's dying in the country, here's an interesting one). I was sad to hear about that, I really like some of his sculptures. And I remember my old boss telling me about when he was at the gallery working on one of his wall paintings.

Galaga Commander

Matt and I stopped by the outlet mall today. Since we got there before things really started opening, we hung out in the food court with some Starbucks and Matt played Galaga for a little while. He played just long enough to set a new high score (if you are ever at the outlet mall, you can check it out). I've also seen him flip the score (go all the way around back to 000000) at a bar in Herndon.

Matt is the Galaga Commander. I am honored to have the privilege of standing by his side (and holding his hot chocolate) while he shows his dominance and leaves behind his three letter legacy.

Happy Easter (in link form)

Easter Eggs by State
This will take you to the White House's page for, what I guess to be, the official state easter eggs for this year. Of course DC's has a picture of the white house, but some of the other states are more creative. I particularly liked Florida's. This makes my easter egg decorating skills look very primitive.

Adorable Bunnies
A couple pictures of the cherry blossoms and bunnies.

No More Piano Teaching

This used to be my studio room. It used to have 2 of those pianos, a huge desk, lots of books and business supplies, no coffee table, and lots of little kids.

As of today, it looks and functions like a normal living room. Well it's getting close at least.

Free Time?

Imagine Peace
Yoko Ono’s cherry blossom art project. Go to the Hirschhorn museum and write one down before April 15th.

Beethoven Radio
If you like opera, like I do, but get irritated that classical music stations don’t include any kind of vocal works… check out They play a full opera every Saturday. Also they have a pretty good line up during the week, a little more varied than most classical radio stations. Usually when I’m at work I flip between Beethoven Radio, King FM, NPR, and WETA. (of course that’s in addition to the Classical Music Library database available to me through UMDs resources).

Creativity Exercise
If you have a digital camera, carry it with you for an entire day and keep a lookout for things that you think are creative or interesting. Take a picture of these things. Go for at least 100 photos. If you are having a hard time, try to focus on the little details. A book could have a creative title or a pile of paper clips could be in an interesting arran…

My First Tulip


My First Deconstructivist Art

.... or What Happens When 1 Experienced Piano Mover and 1 Piano Mover in Training Attempt to Carry Your Upright Down a Flight of Stairs

Highlighter Mania

I have a tendency to take A LOT of notes when I read. This is partially because I remember things better if I've written them down, and also partially because I think the information is worth retaining in some form. I've always thought it would be a lot easier and faster to just highlight things, but I dont. This is because my grandfather is notorious for the amount he highlights in his books (I think pretty much every things except words like "the, a, of, is, etc"). Family is always teasing him for this, and people usually buy him large quantities of highlighters as a joke. For some reason, I feel the need to avoid that kind of taunting, so instead, I basically rewrite the book I'm reading.


If I had to choose between having the piano skills of Ben Folds or Tori Amos, I would probably have a hard time.

I think Ben Folds plays more from the guy. He has a more aggressive, spontaneous and raw style. Which is pretty much the opposite of my personality so I think it might be fun to try that out.

Tori Amos, on the other hand has a more contemplative, introspective, and refined style. Plus, her song are better.

So I'm not sure who's skills I would choose to have. I guess since this is just a hypothetical question, I would pick both.

I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself...

A blog posting about problems with the Library Science degree. It was SO right on that I even commented on it. Which is the very first time I've ever commented on a blog belonging to someone I don't know. (I'm commentor 19 if you are interested).