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Phone Numbers

Okay, so my student isnt here yet , and I thought of another one of my weird quirks.

One small problem I have is that my brain doesnt process numbers well. This means that if I see a number such as 46278, it's a good chance that if I have to copy that number down, or say it outloud, it will end up 46872, and I'll never realize it. Lately this hasnt been much of a problem, simply because I dont deal with numbers a whole lot, but when I was in high school and college it was pretty annoying. A lot of times I'd get a math problem wrong simply because I copied down the numbers out of the book incorrectly.

Now the only time this brain malfunction really causes me problems is when I dial new or unfamiliar phone numbers. Phone numbers I know arent a problem because (and this is something I just figured out) I memorize the pattern. But if someone asks me (for instance) what my home phone number is, it takes me a minute to figure it out, not because I forget it, but because I have to …

I cant think of a title

Okay, so today is January 30th, and I did not need to wear a coat outside at all. In fact, i wore a t-shirt. I'm beginning to seriously wonder, what happened to winter? Where is all my snow?? Who decided to skip a season, and why didnt I get a say in the matter? (I would have much rather skipped summer.) Not that I'm complaining about the beautiful day, I just hope that we get at least one more snowfall before winter is really over. But so far, it's looking doubtful (I know, we still have a long way to go before winter is over, so I'm trying to be hopeful).

This weekend kept matt and I busy. He had a band night at church on friday. It was lots of fun. It reminded me of my high school days when I used to go to local shows, though I can definitely tell how much I've aged since then just by how much louder the tinnitus was when it was over. One of the other adults there asked me what I thought my SPL meter would say the volume was... in all honesty, I think i…

Happy Birthday

Today is Mozart's 250th Birthday. So listen to some Mozart today.

Trapped in the Most Unintentionally Funny Movie Ever

Okay so I have finally discovered the best it's-so-bad-that-it's-awesome movie of 2005... and possibly of all time... R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet.

My husband rented in from Blockbuster (who knows what possessed him to do that). And he forced me to watch a little bit of it one morning before he went to work. I think the plan was to put it on and watch about 3 minutes so we could see just how bad it was, and then mail it back to blockbuster. But once it started, we couldn't stop watching... we got sucked in. I mean, I've never seen anything like this in my life, and there's probably a good reason for that. It was beyond awful. Everything from the looped music (which by the way, NEVER changes... seriously, how could these people stand to hear the same 3 seconds of music while they were filming is beyond me), to the play-by-play lyrics, to the actual plot... were so beyond the worst thing anyone could ever create that the whole time I couldnt help but think &quo…
I love re-reading my own blog.

Where Has All the Winter Gone?

Okay, so talk about a mild winter... I think I've gone without a jacket more often in January than ever in my life. What happened to cold snowy weather this time of year? Not that I miss the cold part, but I do miss the snow. And I'm sure my dog misses it too.

So my patience is totally being tested right now. I think of myself as a very patient and calm person, but lately I've been stretched thin, which is just causing frustration all around. So the reason my blogs have been a little on the lame side lately is because I wasnt writing about going back to school which is what has been occupying about 90% of my thoughts, obviously the other 10% arent that interesting. I have been trying to wait until I actually get accepted because I dont want to get my hopes up too high and then find out I wasnt accepted, but really I'm just going crazy now, so I'm writing about it.

I sent in all of my application materials in the beginning of November. I know the school recieve…

Socks and Windows

A big UGH today for Windows. Hello, learn how to make an operating system that works. I really am beginning to think that Microsoft actually adds in the aspect to Windows that makes it crash and lock up specifically at times when you need it the most. Anyway, I think after today I will be switching to Mac for sure. Now it's just a matter of when...

Anyway, let me calm down a little.

In other less frustrating news, I thought about a weird quirk I have and decided it would be a great thing to share with the blogging world. So this is something that bothers me, but I dont think it's weird. In fact I think it's perfectly normal, but apparently a lot of other people dont agree. Yesterday while matt and I were cleaning out clothes, I finally went through my sock drawer and trashed all my single socks, socks with holes in them, and socks that for whatever reason I dont wear anymore. After all was said in done, I was left with a mostly empty drawer (which is exactly what I e…

Winter Cleaning

Oh here's something fun, a list of some of my favorite cleaners. These are products that I find work the best to get rid of all the dirt that somehow accumulates in my house:

1- Comet. Ah, comet, how I love getting high off your fumes. Anyway, this works great for anything from bathtubs to kitchen sinks. I've found that it works exceptionallly well on rust or stains on a stainless steel sink. And most people who know me (and worked with me at starbucks), know that one of my favorite things to do is clean sinks, the dirtier the better. I love seeing it go from nasty brown to shiny silver. And Comet is the only thing I've found that works even somewhat close the the industrial stuff I was able to use at the Bucks.
2- Fantastik. This works great for kitchen counters. Typically my routine for cleaning the counters is this. Step 1- clean the countertops with a soapy sponge and warm water. However, if you stop here, a thin soap film will develop once its dry which makes…

Things to Blog About List

Yay, the new season of 24 finally started! Looks like it's going to be another good season (in which I wont want to miss a single episode. I was sad that they killed off Michelle, she was my favorite character. I would have much rather gotten rid of Tony, but oh well... such is 24.

In other exciting news. I've finally convinced my husband to purge some of his stuff he no longer needs. Today we got rid of 5 garbage bags worth of clothes, 3 for donations, and 2 for the trash. Mostly it was all his stuff. He finally realized that there comes a point in your life when you just have to get rid of your 50 free college t-shirts that have more holes in them than swiss cheese. Plus we are slowly getting rid of old hand me down furniture that we dont need anymore, along with small electronics and empty boxes (dont ask). So right now our house looks like we just moved in, but it's going to have to stay that way until we are completely done with the whole house.

Also, my PC com…

San Fran travels part 1

So far my year is off to a pretty good start. I've already done 1 major new thing... I went to California! Matt had a business trip out there and I went along with him (since part of the business trip included the company's year end party, and I try very hard never to miss any of the company parties). We stayed in San Francisco for a couple days. It was awesome! I've always considered myself an east coast person, but I have to say I really felt comfortable out there. Anyway I'll probably post a few entires on my trip, starting with this one.

~Walking around a major city alone. This also falls into the category of new things I've done this year. I am definitely a small town, or at least suburban person. Going to big cities like New York stresses me out... all the people, all the cars, my awful sense of direction. As long as I'm with someone else, i feel somewhat comfortable. So I wasnt sure what I would do when I had to spend the entire day alone (while Matt was …

Holiday 2005

Highlights of my holiday season 2005:

1- Spending extra time with matt. He had a few days off from work so we were able to do more things together than usual. Mostly this consisted of really nerdy things. I got him a Su Doku puzzle book for christmas and we spent a lot of our free time having sudoku challenges. I would photocopy a couple puzzles and then we would see who finished them first. Most of the time he beat me, but I still did pretty good.

2- Night out with friends. I planned a dinner night with some friends from college. We went to Macaroni Grill and then bowling. It was so much fun and felt so good to spend time with people I dont get to see very often anymore. And since we did something similar last year, I think we've established a pre-Christmas get together tradition. Also, if you ever go to Macaroni Grill, get their tiramisu... it's HUGE. And if you feel like trying tiramisu in liquid form, try a Tiratini, they are awesome!

3- Christmas Eve. I spent pre…