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Running Update: May 2014

Total Miles for the month: 105.1
Total Miles for 2014: 331.9
Longest run: 13.1 miles
Fastest mile time:  Still the same.

Well, I conquered the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon a couple days ago.  It actually wasn't too terrible.  I think I prepared pretty well so it didn't completely overwhelm me and I've recovered just fine.  The race itself was GREAT.  Beautiful weather, well organized, and a beautiful course.  Lots of shade and lots of rolling hills (I'm not saying I loved the hills, but I am happy that they weren't worse than they were).  My finishing time was 2:23:21 which made me happy because I was really hoping to finish in under 2:30:00, but wasn't sure I would due to bad allergies, hills, heat, etc.  So that gave me an overall 10:57 pace.  Which is awesome, in that I broke an 11:00 pace.  And even more awesome when I look back at last May and see that I ran a 5k with an 11:16 pace.  So it's not that I'm necessarily going much faster, but I am d…