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Day 4

Favorite break-up song.

Jess- Ben Folds Five "Song For the Dumped"  Not even because of the subject of the song (though it was picked because it fits the category for today), but more for the raw sounding angry piano slamming.  I love listening to all the chunky chords, especially in live versions.  I will never be able to play like that.

Matt- Cryin' by Roy Orbison. Matt is probably way better at this game than I am.

Day 3

A song from your favorite movie.

So my favorite movie is A Life Less Ordinary.  Not many people have seen it, or even heard of it, despite the fact that it stars Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor.  Actually this movie was one of those "things" that Matt and I connected over before we started dating nearly 11 years ago.  We found out that we both really liked the movie and since Matt had it on DVD (whereas I just watched it whenever I managed to catch it on HBO) I went over and watched it with him... just as friends of course ;) 

There is actually a decent amount of music in the movie, and we do own the soundtrack.  But picking a song from this movie is so easy, it's got to be Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin.  In one scene in the movie Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor sing this karaoke style and her singing is so awful that it reminds me of what I used to sound like.  Hopefully I've gotten a little better.

Oh good, I found the actual movie clip to go along with this.  Yes, i…

Day 2

Favorite love song.

Okay, I find this day a little boring and generic.  And also, I don't know that I REALLY have a favorite love song.  It took me a while to pick one out.  There are just so many to choose from.  But I'm happy with my final selection, but I bet if you asked me this again a year from now I'd have a different answer, which is something I'm trying to avoid while doing this.  Anyway, here is it:

First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

I don't find it at all sappy, but it's still sweet.  And (like in the video, which is simple and sweet as well) it makes me think not only of my love for my husband, but also for my child.... and how much happines our little family has brought to my life.

Matt:  Agreed, this was kind of an underwhelming question.  But in the end he chose At Last  by Etta James.  Because it's what we danced to at our wedding.  Hard to argue with that.  :)  Here's a great live version.

Day 1

The other day I came across a music related blog in which they referred to this 30 day song thing on Facebook (30 Day Song Election Spectacular)  Basically you leave a comment everyday for 30 days naming a song that meets different requirements.  I read through the list and instantly wanted to play.  I even got Matt to play along.  But instead of posting them on the Facebook page where a bunch of strangers could read my choices (and judge me) I decided to do my write ups here.  So let's get started...
Day 1- Favorite cover version of a non-obscure song.  Hands down... Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" originally by Nine Inch Nails.  It may be somewhat obscure, I don't think the NIN version was a big hit or anything, but this is probably one of the best covers ever, so we're overlooking the slight bit of obscurity.  This song made me a fan of the Man in Black, though oddly enough not of NIN.  It's incredible. He has a lot of really great covers from later in h…