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Self Portraits with My Newborn

I really love these photos. My most recent mini photo project. These pictures come from basically the first month of Agnes's life. It's a time when we were pretty much inseparable. Lots and lots of nursing, holding, sleeping on me, diaper changes (and outfit changes), and fussy times pacing around the house.  My best guess is that she is my last baby and so I've really been trying to enjoy it as much as possible, and this little series of photos is my reflection of that. Not that I didn't enjoy my other babies. But I think with both of them I had other stronger emotions that stood in the way of the joy I wanted to feel more often than I wish they did:  a lot of fear and anxiety of being a completely clueless new mom (Dylan), and sadly, undiagnosed postpartum depression along with a colicky/refluxy newborn (Aaron). Not wanting to relive either of those struggles I made the decision to get the help I should have last time around early on and it is making all the differen…