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GH Post

Another reason to love General Hospital:

Sometimes if an actor's contract runs up and they dont renew it, instead of getting rid of the character, the show will just replace him/her with a new actor. When the new actor first appears, there's a voice over that says "The role of Carly will now be played by so-and-so." Sometimes they do this too when an actor is just on vacation, it's like having a sub. At first I'm always pissed off when they replace people, but eventually you get used to the new person. I imagine it does make things difficult when they want to do flashbacks, because they dont want to bounce around to all the different versions of one character, so it kinda limits how far back in time they can go.

But here is why I bring this up. Tomorrow they are adding a new character to the show. The thing is that the actress portraying the new character used to be the original Carly a LOOONG time ago. Now she's coming back, to play someone differen…

Pizza Night

I went over to my parent's house for dinner tonight. My dad made home-made pizza, which he hasn't done in a really long time. When we were younger he used to make pizza every Sunday night. I think it began when he told my mom, after she had a surgery, that he would cook one dinner for every staple she got to close up the incisions... thinking there would only be a few. But then it turned out that there were tons (I dont know the exact number, but it's way more than you'd expect). So the Sunday Pizza night tradition was born.

So while we were all eating pizza we also watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. One of the women on Wheel of Fortune bothered me. She solved one puzzle when she only had $400 and there were plenty of letters left on the board. Then when she earned $10,000 and it was a prize puzzle (meaning they give a secret surprise to whoever wins the puzzle), she kept spinning even though she obviously knew the puzzle (since she was picking letters like …

Pregnancy Dreams

I was just reading up on Month 7 in the What to Expect When You're Expecting book and I came across a section about pregnancy related dreams. I found this interesting because I have definitely had some very odd pregnancy related dreams, and none of the other pregnant women I know seem to have them (okay, so I only know 2 other pregnant people).

Anyway... towards the beginning of the pregnancy I used to dream about tornadoes a lot. We would all be at home (me, matt, and the dog), and all of a sudden there would be a tornado warning, and I'd look out the window and I could see it coming. And Matt would be like "I dont know what to do" so I'd run through the house real quick and open all the windows (so the pressure change wouldnt cause them to explode-- I think I remember learning that the year I lived in Kansas and we had tornado drills at school), and then I would drag matt and the dog into the basement bathroom (because it's the closest thing we've g…

Random Musings

No rhyme or reason to anything in this post:

When I was singing in choirs (for church and school), I learned a bunch of things about language that I never really paid attention to before. For example, people have a naturally tendency to pronounce "want you" as "wan-chew." Which is a big no-no when singing. But now whenever I'm listening to the radio and I hear someone say "wan-chew" instead of making the effort to clearly annunciate, it totally stands out, and kinda bothers me. Another interesting choir-language observation concerns the word "the." I never realized before that sometimes people pronounce it like "thuh" especially before a word that starts with a consonant, and sometimes you pronounce it "thee," especially before a word beginning with a vowel. In choir that was pretty much the rule (totally unknown to me before), but I've started noticing it while people are speaking too. But if someone would have…