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I'll never have a chance to go to CBGBs

A Mini Celebration

Yay!!!! As it turns out, after digging a little deeper (okay, A LOT deeper) I dont have to go to school tomorrow to hunt through print versions of periodicals all day.

Yay for me and my awesome researching skills.
Yay for journals that have full text available online.
Yay for not having to wake up at 5:30 in the morning so I can get to school pre-rush hour.

ps- add another 5 hours to time spent researching online... just a little more left, hopefully i can get it done before i pass out for the night.
I think that grad school is going to make me ocd... or at least overly organized. the further and further into I get, the more and more obsessed i'm becoming with organizing everything I can. For example: My simple Daily To Do lists have gone from handwritten notes jotted down onto scrap pieces of paper as I think of them to catergorized and prioritized lists on the computer (with due dates and automatic email reminders so I dont forget important things.)# of hours I have spent doing research in a library in the past week: 7 (not including time spent researching online at home which probably adds a good 10-12 hours to that number), # of hours I spent driving to and from the library: 4 (and I have to go back tomorrow)I've started drinking caffinated drinks primarily for the caffiene (rather than thirst or flavor) again.While down in Atlanta I made the comment that I was going to enjoy being able to sleep in while I still could because I knew that it would be ending soon (l…

Yoga and Me

This week I started a yoga class. I had a few reasons for deciding to take the class. First of all, I haven't really been exercising much lately. Partly because I've gotten busier (though that's really just a lame cop-out), partly because I no longer belong to a gym, partly because I can't stay committed to working out. So I figured that if I signed myself up for a class (that I have to pay for), I'd be more likely to stick with something. So I started looking around for classes I could take. I narrowed down my options to either yoga or pilates because I thought it would be good for me to do something that would increase my flexibility (which is and always has been pretty much non exsistent) and strengthen my core area (especially my back which has been bothering me a lot lately), and I also wanted something that would be somewhat relaxing and give me an opportunity to release the stress of my week.

I looked for classes in the area (via google searches... whi…

Capo and "detune"

Okay one of the small discussions I had in the past couple days was about guitar capos. This came up because I saw someone playing a semi-hollow electric and he changed the capo in between EVERY song (seriously). And I'm not talking about putting it up at the 12th fret, it was like 3rd fret, 2nd, fret, off, 5th fret, all relatively low for capo purposes. Being the snotty musician I know that I can be (and being married to a very capable guitarist), it bothered me. I was explaining why this bothered me to some of the people I went to the conference with.

Basically capoing the guitar is a "only do if you have to or if it serves a musical purpose" kinda tool... and even then it's really only an ACOUSTIC guitar kinda tool. But people also know that you can easily change keys simply by sticking a capo on a different fret. And granted, if you need to change keys (usually to accomidate a singer's vocal range) at the last minute, and aren't very good at transpos…


I spent the past few days down in the Atlanta Georgia area for a church conference. The conference was okay, not great, but still had some good parts. But I'm not going to write too much about the content because there are plenty of other websites and blogs that will do that much better than I would, so I'll let them handle it (catalyst conference). I will make a few comments about the trip itself and one thing about the conference in particular.

1- The area we were in looked pretty much exactly like the northern virginia area. A little hillier perhaps, but other than that, I kept forgetting that I was in a different state. There was a lot of new building going on, the trees looked the same, the roads and everything else looked the same. There were only 2 occasions in which I really felt like I was down south. 1- I saw a sign the said "Old Wood Georgia (or something-something Georgia)" which made me think "huh what an odd sign for a shopping center" …