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Transposing Machine

I have done more transposing of music since graduating from school then I ever did while I was in school. Seriously, all music needs to come with a magical transposing button... and while it's magical, I'd also like it to be able to know automatically what key I need the song to be in so that people can sing and play it with ease. I dont even want it to have to read my mind to know which key that is, that would still require me to figure it out. I want the magical button to do that work for me.

Now some music I come across on the computer does have a transposing tool, which usually works semi-good. But it would be nice there is a song in they key of "A", and I want to kick up a mere half step, would end up in "Bb" instead of "A#" (seriously Bb has only 2 flats... A#, while the same note enharmonically, has 10 sharps!!! TEN!! Well, technically 7 sharps and 3 double sharps. 3 DOUBLE sharps!!! Why would anyone want to read that? And why on ea…

Nearly One Month Later

Wow, long time no post. I think i needed a blogging break. I'm still not sure if that break is over though. Right now I'm forcing myself to post, instead of posting because I actually have something to say. Therefore be prepared for ramblings.

I haven't really been up to too too much lately. Still working, taking care of the house, dog, and husband, and trying to get ready for school (as well as all the changes that will bring about). I registered for classes earlier this week. So over the summer I'm taking Information Technology and Information Use. Info Tech should be easy (I do have a minor with the same name). I'm not sure what Info Use will be like, but I use information a lot, so.... nope, I have no clue what to expect. Then in the fall I'm taking Information Access, Information Structure, and Management and Administration for the Information Professional (how many times can you say "Information" in one sentence?). I'm expecting t…