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My Awesome Sister

These are pictures of my sister's Senior year fashion show that I went to the other day (my dad took the pictures). She designed for the Ice Age scene (which these pictures are all about). There are also some pics of her mad modelling skills. Sarah rocks!!

ps- I fixed the link so it's not broken anymore
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Vertigo in unexpected places

Okay, so I'm not very good with heights. The funny thing is that I can stand on the top of some of the highest mountains (Pike's Peak, Zugspitze...) and have no problem looking at the world below... but if you put me on the 20th floor of a high rise I get all kinds of disoriented (and I swear that wind causes buildings to sway when you are up that high... I can feel the floor moving). So when I'm up in a tall building I get that kind of tingly sensation that lets me know I'm not where I should be and could I please find the nearest elevator that will take me to some nice firm ground.

The other day matt and I were watching a Simpsons episode. At one point Homer is at the top of a VERY tall building, and he looks over the edge at the street below. And as he did, I got that familiar tingly feeling letting me know that scary things could happen to me at any moment. Which I thought was weird, since I was just watching TV... I mean, it was a cartoon, not even close to a …

Make Your Own Life

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is seeing all the creative things coming out of the art world.

The other day I came across an art show announcement that simply had the phrase "Make Your Own Life" on one side, with details about the where and when on the other. Which is kinda unusual since usually art announcements typical have an image of one of the artworks on one side with the info on the other. If I lived closer to the area of the exhibition I probably would have gone to see it. But anyway... I liked the phrase so I jotted it down... in a very succinct way it sums up my life right now... not just the fact that you "have" your own life, in which you passively allow things to happen to you... but that I actively decide what my life is going to be like and do what I need to do in order to ensure that it happens. Okay, I realize that is not all that profound... but I think the fact that someone's 4 words resonated strongly with me is.

School Work School Work

So thanks to last night's snow and ice performance, I didnt end up going to work today like I should have. And even though the government had a 2 hour delay with liberal leave, and my boss did tell me that if I couldnt make it in, to call her and let her know... I still feel kinda guilty for not going in. I mean, I tried to get to work. I got up this morning, took a shower, put on my work clothes and went outside to scrape the ice off my car, but i didnt make it very far before I realized that it would probably be very stupid for me to try to venture in to DC. So I reluctantly stayed home.

Since I spent the day at home as opposed to work, I tried to make the most of it. I used the extra time to catch up on homework, readings, and vacuuming... and now I even have a little bit of time to actually post an entry in my blog. Which I realize has been neglected, but I just dont really feel much like being on my computer when I dont have to. But anyway... I'm here now, with some…