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List Time

I'm an INFJ according to all the Myers-Briggs assessments Ive done.  I pretty much agree with that.  (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging). I know that one test can't possibly capture my entire personality, which is fine.   But knowing that I have a stronger introverted tendency, than extroverted helps me identify and explain certain behaviors I have so I think it's a valid label to that degree (one day I'll write a post about my take on labels.)

I remember reading somewhere that J types like to make lists, I cant remember where I heard that though so it may not be true, but I'm pretty much basing this post on that, so i hope the reason I remembered it is that there is something truth to it. (ha!- this statement right here totally reinforces my INFJ-ness).  I am a list-aholic.  Seriously, I keep lists of some of the most ridiculous things.  There's the obvious to-do lists as well as grocery and shopping lists (which I couldn't get through the week with…

Top Concerts

I've been in a list making mood lately.  Which isn't really saying much since I am pretty much always in a list making mood, but it's been even more than normal lately.  Since seeing live music makes me really happy I decided to make a list of some of my favorite concerts.  So here they are:  

1.  Jeff Tweedy in Charlottesville last month.  I still can't believe that I went to this.  It was incredible from start to finish.
2.  Wilco in Pittsburgh this past April.  Mostly because they had no opening act and played for just about 3 hours so we got to hear lots of their music.  Secondly, because they did a small, acoustic set in the middle of the show and there's nothing more I love than breaking things down like that.  Thirdly, because they performed Laminated Cat.  Fourthly, because the venue was a beautiful small chamber ensemble type theater, our view was great, and the sound was amazing.
3.  Bob Dylan with the Racontuers opening for him.  Front row seats again.  …

Randomness Post

A few random thoughts and things going on lately:

2011 is off to a fairly uneventful start.  I made a bunch of personal resolutions in late 2010 that I have been doing well with.  I added one official 2011 resolution (in addition to the few personal goals I mentioned in my last post), which is to stop watching TV while Dylan is napping (at least during the week).  I've only had one slip up so far, but otherwise I really like the restriction, I can do anything else I want.  So a lot of time I clean, try to get through a few productive tasks, but I also read, listen to music, take a little nap, and surf the Internet.

I remember when I was younger and I'd get a new CD and take it into my room, listen to it over and over while reading the lyrics until I knew all of the songs completely.  I miss doing that.  Now I'm lucky if I even learn the name of a song.  Case in point, the other night I was listening to a Bright Eyes song and thought, "for some reason this song always …