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Word of the Moment

Jejune: 1. not interesting 2. lacking maturity 3. lacking nutrition

Used in a sentence:
I never knew the word jejune existed before today.

One of these days...

... I'm going to stop letting boots walk all over me.

Pace Wildenstein

Pace Wildenstein Here is one of my favorite websites to look through lately. It's a site for an Art Gallery in New York City. I ordered a few catalogs (actually they are more like books... and they certainly are priced more like books) from them a couple months ago, and they are great! Anyway, they have some great artwork by some modern artists as well as biographies and other information.

In addition, they have some of the later Agnes Martin paintings... one of which is currently set as my wallpaper.

Another one of my favorites is Josef Albers. I pretty much like any artwork that uses squares.

There arent many sites that I just browse through, but I always manage to find something interesting on this one.

Word of the Moment

Quixotic: idealistic without regard to practicality (after Don Quixote)


Today feels like Friday for some reason. But I'm actually glad that it's not.


Last night my husband and I saw Seal in concert at Wolf Trap. Various thoughts and observations from the show:
Seal has the best voice ever. I honestly think I could just listen to him sing the Alphabet Song for hours.Wolf Trap was packed. I mean, hardly any sitting room. All the covered seats sold out, so we had lawn seats, and let me tell you, the lawn was PACKED. Every inch of that place was covered with blankets and lawn chairs. I have only been to Wolf Trap for one other concert, and it was an opera (La Boheme... my favorite). I thought that was crowded, but this definitely trumped that.The odd thing about the crowd was the age. I mean, I know they play Seal songs on the adult contemporary radio stations, but I didn't expect the crowd to be quite as old as it was. I at least expected to see a good mix of different age groups. But I'd say that my husband and I were in the youngest 15-percentile there. About 60% of the crowd was probably in their 40s or older. There were som…

Good Day

My Mood... Alive

Under the Wave Off Kanagawa
By Katsushika Hokusai
Today put me in a good mood.

Jelly Beans and Dog Walks

Ah, I feel like I've been so busy lately, but I'm not exactly sure what I've been doing. One thing I havent been doing... updating my blog. But that's about to change.

So here are some interesting (or not so interesting) things that have happened today:

I am eating Jelly Belly jelly beans at the moment. Only the best candy ever made. I have enjoyed Jelly Bellys since I was in about third grade. I can tell the flavor just by looking at the bean, and I'm pretty sure I can name the flavor just by tasting it (blindfolded of course). Some of my least favorite flavors they've had in the past (and happily discontinued): Jalapenos and Peanut Butter. I mean, at least Peanut Butter is somewhat normal as far as flavor goes (though it made the nastiest jelly bean), but Jalapeno? I mean seriously, what the heck were they thinking. My favorite flavors (in no particular order) are: Pina Colada, Lemon-Lime, and Watermelon. The Watermelon-bean even looks like a watermelon, it'…

1 year anniversary and Morimoto

So Sunday was my 1 year anniversary! I cant believe I've been married for a year already. It went by so fast.

To celebrate my husband and I went to Philadelphia for the day. There's a restaurant there called Morimoto that we went to on our honeymoon, and we decided that we'd go back this year.

If you know my family at all, you probably know that we watch Food Network about as much as a normal family watches cartoons. On Food Network there is an awesome show called Iron Chef (not Iron Chef America-- that show is NOT awesome). It's this Japanese cooking show in which a handful of "iron chefs" compete against a challenger chef. They have 1 hour to make several dishes containing a surprise theme ingredient (usually something weird that I've never heard of) and then at the end they are judged by a panel of tasters to see who made the best dishes.

Our favorite iron chef is Iron Chef Japanese, Morimoto. A couple years ago I found out that he opened a restaurant in …


Ahh, Friday night. The work week is over. Well sorta over... not really for me though. Friday night's just arent as exciting when you have to work Saturday morning. Oh well.

I've been keeping busy. I had my first recital on Monday. It went really well. All the kids did a really great job. A few minor mistakes (to be expected), but nothing catastrophic and no one freaked out. About as good as I could have hoped for. I was really nervous going into it, mostly because I wasnt sure what to expect, especially since it was the first recital for pretty much all of my students. Of course I couldnt show that I was nervous because I didnt want my nervous energy spreading to anyone else. However, now that it's over I think it's safe for me to announce... I was nervous. But now I'm looking forward to the next recital, especially since it will be around Christmas time (which means lots of xmas music!)

Quote for the day (it came off my tea bag):
"What lies behind us and what l…


I volunteered to do this for Tom. I dont know many bloggers, so anyone else who comes across this is welcome to fill it out.

3 names I go by:
Jessica, Jess, Bebe

3 Screen-names I've had:
pianojess and fliper (only 2)

3 physical things I like about myself:
My hair, my eyes, and my hands

3 physical things I dislike about myself:
My back, my height (I wish I were about 2 inches shorter), and my arms

3 parts of my heritage:
Irish, German, and French

3 things I am wearing right now:
T-shirt, shorts, wedding ring

3 favorite bands / musical artists:
Hmm... Jars of Clay are my favorite, and 2 other ones i like (in no particular order) are: Beethoven, and Beastie Boys

3 (of many) favorite songs:
only 3??? Well I guess 3 good ones are: Something Beautiful by Jars of Clay, Sunken Cathedral by Claude Debussy, and Somewhere Beyond the Sea

3 things I want in a relationship:
honesty, love, and understanding

3 physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to me:
Eyes, mouth, body

3 of my favorite hobbies: