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# of times I've locked myself out of the house and my car in the past week: 2

Way to go me.


Here are some of the pictures of the work I did in my parent's room. I'm still trying to get my dad to send me a picture of the completed projects.

This is what it looked like before we did anything. Love the country blue-with-hearts wallpaper... gag.

Here's me with my best friend the wallpaper steamer on Day 2 of the project. See those brown patches... that's the drywall. This wall actually didnt turn out too bad, the other walls were much much worse.

Countdown to Class

I'm back. Ready to rejoin the blogging world after my little break. You know, sometimes blogging just seems more like a chore than it should be. So at that point, I take a break until it's something I want to do again.

I realized this morning that I have less than a week before classes start. Less than a week until I'm officially a graduate student. I'm excited and kinda nervous at the same time. Luckily at orientation I met a girl who will be in both of my summer classes, so at least I dont have to worry about not knowing people the first day of class. That's always the worst. Although it was much worse in elementary and high school. At least now I dont have to worry about finding someone to eat lunch with on the first day of school. Ugh. That was always the single worst moment of moving. Unfortunately since I moved nearly every school year that sensation, through the transitive property, is now the sensation I associate with any first day of anything..…

Pet Peeve

I hate it when people uninentionally rhyme. But even more than that, i hate when that happens in my thoughts. If it does, I'll interrupt myself and say "stop rhyming" just so it doesnt continue.

The evilness of wallpaper

Well i've been spending a lot of time at my parent's house lately. You see a few weeks ago I came up with this brilliant idea for my Mom's birthday (which was May 7th, exactly one week before mother's day.) I knew that she was going to Las Vegas to visit her brother's for a couple days and I thought that would leave us (us being my father and other siblings) with the perfect opportunity to take down this nasty wallpaper that's been in their bedroom since they moved into the house (getting close to 10 years). I shared this idea with the rest of the family, and they all agreed that it sounded good. I showed them ideas for new paint colors and they all thought those were good too. So it seemed like a great way to surprise my mom for her birthday.

So the day my mom left we moved all their furniture out of the room, well at least my dad and my uncle moved it out. I kinda stood there and commented on how much clutter my parents have kept over the years and how m…


I have finally decided that I don't like scrambled eggs. I've tried to like them my whole life because other people like them. I thought maybe it was a taste that you grew into as an adult (like broccoli). I thought it was something people were just supposed to like. I thought that if they were extra fluffly, extra runny, or extra cheesey they would possess a flavor and texture that I could appreciate. But you know what... they dont. So I've finally come to terms with the fact that I just dont like eggs scrambled. I do however love eggs over easy. So I'll just stick with that.

A Look Back

I've been tagged (by Rob)

20 years ago I . . .
1. Only had a brother and 1 sister. Life was simpler then.
2. Was living in Texas... what do I remember about texas? big flying ants, armadillos rolling down our roof at night, picking bluebonnets on Easter, snow--in texas that's rare, and the very colorful rug in my pre-school class.
3. was only 4, I cant really remember anything else.

10 years ago I . . .
1. had one brother and 3 sisters. No more simple life.
2. was in the school's JROTC program under protest (I did not voluntarily sign up for it). I had to wear a uniform once a week which put me in a VERY bad mood. The only reason I did well in the class was because I knew that whenever you made a mistake you had to do push-ups. I did very few pushups.
3. Attempted downhill skiing for the 3rd and final time. It just wasnt for me.

5 years ago I . . .
1. Was taking finals as a college freshman. Which probably meant that right about now I was drinking coffee, making study sheets, sleepi…