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Dylan at Seven: Baseball Season

This morning we wrapped up Dylan's 4th season of Little League baseball.  It was SUPER hot out and there was no shade anywhere, but aside from that, we had a good time.  He also had lots of family come see him play:  Grandpa, Opa, Uncle Joey, even Aunt Liz, Uncle Devin, and cousin Conner made it!  Conner's first game!  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Conner because I was too busy holding my cute little nephew, but Liz did, so I'll just steal hers once she gets it online.

Dylan seems to be 100% devoted to baseball at this point.  He hasn't really expressed an interest or desire in trying another sport, even in the off seasons, so I think we'll be spending a lot of Saturday mornings at the baseball park.

Here are some of my favorites from this season.

Aaron at 3: Picking Dandelions

I've come to the realization that the abundance of quality alone time I have left with Aaron is rapidly dwindling.  This year, Dylan has been at school full day, so Aaron and I have been spending a good 6-7 hours together, alone, 5 days a week.  But there's only a month left of school, and then summer comes, which means Dylan will be home with us (something I'm looking forward to), and then in the fall, Aaron starts preschool, and his school-life will only get bigger and bigger from there (and I now really know the full impact of since we've been through it with Dylan).  Which means, we will never have this much time to just hang out together, just the two of us, again, something I really miss being able to do with Dylan.  So I've been trying to enjoy it all... well, expect the tantrums.  No one enjoys the tantrums.  Some days we do something special, some days we do hardly any thing at all. 

I mean, there aren't enough words to describe how much I treasure th…

Project 52: Catch Up

Weeks 25-27 I've been busier than usual lately, and didn't even realize how far behind I've been getting with this project until just a few minutes ago.  So here's a quick catch up.

Week 25: Running Among the Tulips I took Aaron to a pick your own tulip field.  With the intention of taking some nice pictures.  But Aaron just wanted to run through the fields (well, he was at least considerate enough to run through the aisles in between the rows of tulips).  So I didn't get to take too many pictures.  But I love this one. 

Week 26:  My Guys A shot of all the boys in this house.  At some point I need to start doing a better job of taking pictures of them all together.  But that takes a lot of cooperation.  So for now I mostly focus on individual pictures.

Week 27:  Pretty Light This dandelion was in a perfect little pocket of light while we were taking a walk through the woods.  Of course just as I was trying to take its picture, Aaron decided to try and pick it for …



Aaron turned 3

Some very casual around the house shots of my new three year old.

White Flower no. 5