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Late Night Baseball History

I put Aaron to bed tonight, cleaned the kitchen, let Eve out, did some laundry and some more picking up around the house.  Then I sat down to relax and enjoy the quiet before I went to bed.  Around 10:00 Dylan came into the family room saying "I'm hungry."  And all I could think was "why are you still awake?!?"  I could have sworn I saw Matt starting to put him to bed while I was finishing up with Aaron.  But anyway, I got Dylan a piece of bread and sent him back to his room.  Then I decided it was time for me to go to bed as well, so I headed upstairs... and saw this.  The reason why even though the house was quiet Dylan was still awake.

A Pair of Spontaneous Summer Nights

We've had a couple of really beautiful, mild temperatures days.  I've been trying to get the kids outside as much as possible to enjoy it while it lasts, because I know the oppressing heat and humidity are coming back.  Last night Dylan was with Matt at a softball game, so I took Aaron to a playground for a bit before his bedtime.  Then tonight Matt was at the Nationals game with work so I took both kids out to dinner at Panera (because it's quick, easy, inexpensive, relatively healthy, and the kids eat the food from there).  Across the street from Panera is a fountain playing area and of course Dylan wanted to run around in the water.  I was completely unprepared for it, but went along anyway.  One of the wonderful ways being a mom has changed me, learning to embrace being flexible and spontaneous.

Self Portrait Attempt

Self portraits are HARD.  And yet I feel compelled to try and do some.  I think this is really more about body image for me than photography.  I feel like I've started taking good pictures of other people, and yet I always feel like pictures of me are terrible.  But I know that's not really true... I know it's that when I look at my image I choose to focus on the (too many) imperfections.  So in a way I think that taking self portraits may help me get over that.  I'm not so convinced that will happen, but I'm willing to give it a try.  So here we go.

I decided to start with the hardest and my least favorite aspect of my body......... my skin-- so these are close up portraits.  I still have high school-ish oily skin.  Nothing really helps it.  I've heard that the benefit of oily skin is that you don't winkle as much, but for some reason I don't think I'm seeing that benefit either as I already have some decent forehead and eye wrinkles.  Wow, it'…

Lego Club Night

A while back Dylan came up with the idea of starting a Lego Club.  Basically he picks a night in which he and his dad build legos in his room.  So here is their more recent Lego Club.  It consisted of deconstructing Sponge Bob and replacing it with a new face.