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I always wonder what a celebrity would look like if they weren't so famous.

And then sometimes I wonder what I would look like if I were a celebrity.

Florida Trip

Matt and I spent most of last week in Florida. It's always great to go anywhere in which colonial architecture is not the norm (or the "only"). And I get excited when I see palm trees because I've never lived anywhere in which palm trees were a normal part of the scenery.

While we were there we also fed alligators, saw Shamu, and drank from the Fountain of Youth. How could that not be an awesome vacation?

Mini Dreams

Sometimes, right before I fall asleep, I get these weird mini dream images. They only last for about 5 seconds, maybe less. I probably don't remember all of them because I probably fall asleep before I get a chance to remember. But sometimes they cause me to completely snap out of my sleepy haze. Anyway, here are some of the ones I remember.


This one came to me as I nodded off during a 10th grade biology class (dont judge... during my high school years class was about the only place I got any sleep.)

There was an average European cobblestone road. To the side of the road was a sidewalk made out of this yellowish stone. And then right in the middle of the sidewalk, for no apparent reason, was a staircase leading down into total blackness. I was standing with my toes just hanging over the edge of the first staircase. For some reason I decided to go down, but instead of walking down the steps, I…

College Essay

I just found this essay I wrote for a summer English class in college. The assignment was to write a personal essay. Most people wrote about when their grandmother died, or when their dog died. I chose to write about at typical day at work. I totally thought I had lost this (which I was heartbroken over, especially since I was so good about backing up my papers onto disks... I guess this one slipped through the cracks somehow.) But my mom found it at her house this weekend. YAY! Just to warn you, it's really long, but I'm putting it in here anyway. Enjoy.

Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty. Four thirty... a.m. "Ugh." After I set my alarm clock and turn out my light, I flop into bed. Why me? Why must I work at a store that requires my presence at five o'clock in the morning? Oh wait, that's right, I choose to work there. I choose to get up this early five days a week. No one forces me, I'm just crazy.

My alarm clock goes off the next morning. No, it…

Awesome Things From This Week

Monday's episode of 24. Well, first of all it was awesome because they actually had 2 episodes on back to back. And I think this week was the turning point in the show. I mean, up to this point, the season had only been okay, there were just a few too many fluff episodes for my taste... but now they are starting to get back into stuff that makes 24 so unique. Though I have to admit the ending was sooooo depressing (Edgar dies *tear*), that I had to watch something funny and light afterwards. (apparently i'm not the only one who cares that Edgar is dead, as Entertainment Weekly has a Fauxbituary for him). But I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the season.Project Runway finale. YAY FOR CHLOE. She was awesome. Though if I am perfectly honest, my favorite outfit was actually a dress from Santino's collection. It was the first one down the runway, a pink evening gown thing... anyway, probably one of the very few things from the entire show I'd actual…