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An Explanation

Picking out names for the babies has always been fun. Fortunately, Matt and I seem to like similar names so we didn't really argue about it and we're able to come up some great names for each kid. So I just thought I'd share the story behind each name. We didn't really go with a typical naming scheme, but we did want our names to have some meaning or significance. The fact that each child has 5 letters in their first name as purely coincidental.  Basically our plan, as established with the first child, was honor a figure that we admire with the first name. And then to honor one of our parents with the middle name. 
Dylan Alexander:  named after Bob Dylan. Music has been very important in both mine and Matts lives. And Bob Dylan is one of the greatest song writers of all time. Also of note, well after Dylan was born I read an article where someone talked about how me met Bob Dylan. And he said that he didn't really know what to say to Dylan because usually you would …

New Goal

I miss having a photo project to work on. I finished up my 52 in November, I made it halfway through a 365 two years ago. But with the new baby I decided not to start one this year. I'm reconsidering now. The new baby has made me want to take more pictures. Plus, I also sold my old crop frame camera and gear and used that money to get an upgraded 50 mm 1.4 lens (I had the 1.8). Which also makes me want to take more photos. So now I'm trying to decide what I want to do next.  Some initial ideas: A Day in the Life, an updated overview of what our family life is like now (I did one like this in 2012 after Aaron was born), a series of mom and Agnes selfies (I've already started this, I use my iPhone to make it easier on myself), a new Project 52 or 365 with some combo of dslr and iPhone pictures, a 52 of abstract pictures (which is what I probably would have opted for if I didn't have the baby this year), or the Clickin Mom Instagram Prompts.  I just have to figure out wha…

The Many Faces of Agnes

I don't have much opportunity for getting things done these days. But that's okay. I have a really adorable excuse. This little girl needs me to hold her all the time. And for the most part I don't really mind. It gives me lots of time to stare at (and photograph) all her tiny cuteness. 

I could keep going...  I love these days of close up cuddling and am trying to soak it all up because I know she's only a short time away from no longer wanting to snuggle on me. Sooner than I'd like she'll be far more interested in seeing what else is going on in the world. So I'll take my snuggles (and pictures) while I can get them. 

Photo overload

I knew once Agnes was born that I'd be taking an insane amount of pictures of her. And I have been living up to that. She's just so cute. And I didn't have a good camera, or know how to use one, when the boys were newborn. So she gets lots of photo attention. She doesn't seem to mind. I'm hoping the friends and family on my Facebook feed don't mind either, since I've been posting baby pics nonstop. I've also been using my iPhone camera, since I'm nursing like half of the day and I have nothing else to do, it's given me a good opportunity to play around with and hopefully get better at using the phone camera. I still prefer the dslr, but I don't really have as much time to get my photos onto the computer and edited, so the phone is better for instant gratification. 
Here are some faves from our first week.  
Day One:

Day Two

Day Three
Day Four

Day Five

Day Six