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Still Brrrr... and It's a BOY!

Okay, we still don't have heat. But the heat repair guy ordered a part and is coming on Monday to fix it for real. I hope. I'm tired of being cold all day long. It just makes me want to stay in bed under the nice warm covers all day and all night long.

Also, I had a sonogram on Thursday and found out that Matt and I are having a boy! We're really excited. I can already see the baseball games and guitar lessons (though I'm pushing more for drums). But mostly it just makes this whole pregnancy thing seem more real. Now instead of imaging and "it" I can imagine a "him." And for all those people who are in favor of being surprised at the end, and all those people who say "you know, doctors can be wrong", I say "when you're pregnant, you can decide whether or not to find out the sex ahead of time and I won't criticize either way. but this is our pregnancy and we aren't doing anything to harm the baby, so what's the…