Scenes From Our Move


lottie said…
You house is lovely!! You must be thrilled!! ♥♥ Also what is up with every new house ever having darts? like I don't know if I've ever been in a basement of a new house that didn't have darts haha they just belong! I love some of these shots so much: fantastic composition! I wish I had gone around our new house and grabbed some shots before we started really filling in. (not that I had my dslr, but...) there are very few things I love more than moving (though I doubt my parents are of the same mind though ha.) The newness of everything is so so exciting. Agnes is getting so big!! She's the most precious thing!! welcome back to the world of blogging!
Jess said…
Thanks Lottie! I have moved a lot in my life, especially during my childhood (Army brat), but I think this is the last move for a loooooooong time. It was definitely much more challenging as an adult, with three kids and a house that we had to sell. But it all went smoothly and we are SUPER happy in the new house! I've been using my iPhone camera a lot lately because things have been hectic and that's just so much more convenient, but whenever I take the time to use my nice dslr I'm so blown away by how much better things turn out. So I'm trying to get back to shooting nearly everyday with that. And I'm definitely happy to be aback in the blogging world. :)

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