Day 1

The other day I came across a music related blog in which they referred to this 30 day song thing on Facebook (30 Day Song Election Spectacular)  Basically you leave a comment everyday for 30 days naming a song that meets different requirements.  I read through the list and instantly wanted to play.  I even got Matt to play along.  But instead of posting them on the Facebook page where a bunch of strangers could read my choices (and judge me) I decided to do my write ups here.  So let's get started...
Day 1- Favorite cover version of a non-obscure song.  Hands down... Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" originally by Nine Inch Nails.  It may be somewhat obscure, I don't think the NIN version was a big hit or anything, but this is probably one of the best covers ever, so we're overlooking the slight bit of obscurity.  This song made me a fan of the Man in Black, though oddly enough not of NIN.  It's incredible. He has a lot of really great covers from later in his career, but this one is so good it gives me chills when I listen to it.  The video-- doubly so.  If you haven't heard it before you definitely should check it out.

Matt- Agrees.  We didn't coordinate, this was the first song he thought of as well.  In fact, this is his favorite song period.