FL trip 2011 part 1

First time on a trip all by myself.  A truly introverted vacation so far.  I've been gone from home for less than 12 hours and I've made my way through about 200 pages of East of Eden (look at me reading a real book for a change), listened to  about 4 albums on my iPod, did about an hour of yoga, ate dinner by myself (where I knocked out a good 20 pages while waiting for food), successfully navigated through the airport and streets of Orlando.  There's been a minimum of interaction with other people, so i haven't even had many conversations.  It's been nice and peaceful.  Though every time I see someone with a toddler I think "oh Dylan... i wonder what he and Matt are doing." and my hotel has a bunch of outdoor fun areas and I keep thinking that Dylan would low to run around in the soft grass, then I remember that he's a plane ride away.  It's a good thing that I miss them, but I'm still going to enjoy my alone time.

So Matt and I have been to Orlando a couple times.  I kind of recognize the area I'm staying at, but to be honest, I'm having a hard time telling the difference between Orlando and Las Vegas.  I think I wrote about how Disney and Vegas were similar a few years ago.  I still think that.

Oh and no Internet in my hotel (not free anyway), so this will be published when I get home.  I can't remember if I did this on purpose so that I wouldn't spend all my time reading blogs and updating my Facebook page, but it is what it is now.