New Music to Listen To

Yay!  I get so excited when I have new music to listen to.  I am currently working my way through the following:

Mumford and Sons: Sigh No More
Amazon has been recommending this CD/Band for me for a long time.  I think because I recently purchased several Avett Brothers discs and apparently these bands go hand in hand (even the people who do the Grammys think so).  So after I saw their Grammy performance, I decided to go ahead and get the disc.  I loved their energy and sound.  Plus apparently I'm all into alt-folksy stuff now.

Bright Eyes: In The People's Key
My sister Sarah is obsessed with Bright Eyes like I am with Wilco.  She got me listening to them and I'm happy she did.  I instantly became a Conor Oberst junkie.  This is supposedly the last Bright Eyes album though, which is sad.  This album leans more electronic-y than my preferred Oberst stuff, but it's still good.  And I love his lyrics.  Sarah is going to see Bright Eyes in concert next month (I'll be in FL or else I probably would have wanted to go as well) and I am dying to find out how they are live.  Especially if he can remember all his lyrics since he doesn't have repeated choruses or anything like that (like through-composed music, or I guess this would be through-composed lyrics...  That makes for a lot of words to remember).

Avett Brothers: a few older CDs (getting ready to see them on Friday in DC)
I absolutely love their I And Love And You album and was so glad to see them perform Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promises song at the Grammys (even that title is great).  They have a combo of great lyrics, singing, and instrumentation... It's fun, meaningful, sincere, and insightful all at once.  

It's good listening for the most part.  I'm still getting to know the music so I don't feel completely comfortable writing detailed reviews quite yet.  Just wanted to post a little about what I've been listening to lately.