Project 52: Week 44

Week 44:  Trying
I took Aaron on a walk this past week with a very clear intention of a picture I wanted to take.  There's a house a few blocks away that have these beautiful white flower-vines spilling over their fence and I thought they'd make a great backdrop for a nice portrait.  So unlike my usual style, in which I just kind of let Aaron run around and do his thing while I snap some pictures, I tried to get him to cooperate for a good, well done portrait.  He wasn't super cooperative though.  And only gave me about 5 minutes in which he kind of stood in the general area where I wanted him to be.  So this was the best I could do under the circumstances.  I still like the shots though.  And I love that Fall is officially here and you can see the early signs of it everywhere.  The changing of seasons is such a fun time for photography.

On another note, Aaron had his preschool pictures done last week and we got those today and he has all these different poses of him looking super cute, smiley, and making eye contact with the camera.  It's soooo rare that even my husband was like "we should just buy them all."  Except then he saw how much they were and he was like "or maybe just 2 or 3."


Project 52: Week 43

Week 43:  Quiet Morning

Now that Aaron has started preschool I finally have a little (very, very little) time to myself during the week.  So one morning I decided to head over to the Ida Lee garden after dropping him off (since that's where he goes to school anyway) and take some flower pictures.  I think if I try again in a couple more weeks I'll time the morning sun a little better, but I was still happy with a lot of the shots I got.  I ended up only staying for a little bit because they had a master gardener class show up and I felt REALLY self conscious around them and was worried I'd be in their way while they worked.  But it was still a nice little photography break for me.  Plus, then I got to have some fun with editing.  A few months ago I picked up my first set of presets... the VSCO Film 00 pack (it was free at the time) which tries to reproduce certain kinds of film effects.  And I really love it.  I still end up tweaking things here and there, but I use those presets nearly all of the time now.  I keep thinking that I should try some more of their other film presets, but it's one of those things where if I'm not careful I could easily end up spending way too much money on.  So for now I'm happy to work with these.


Project 52: Week 41-42

Weeks 41 and 42:  Summer Ends, Fall Begins
Summer is winding down.  The mornings are nice and cool and school is in full swing.  I've started drinking hot apple cinnamon tea with my breakfast, even though by the time Dylan gets home from school I'm telling the kids it's too hot to go to the park (it is!  especially when you're pregnant), but we can usually manage some outdoor time after dinner when it cools down again.  Aaron has started preschool and that has been going great so far.  

A trip to the park with my little cousin Karmen.

Another sign of Fall... the kids gathering acorns to roll down the slide.

Aaron actually stopped and smiled for a picture!  It's a rare thing, glad I was prepared :)

Aaron's first day of preschool.  And his enormous backpack that he loves so much.

A little chill time at home at the end of a school day.


Project 52: Weeks 36-40

Some more catch up time.

I have been taking more pictures lately.  Yay!  Dylan also has started school and Aaron starts next week.  I just haven't been on the computer much.  I'm still trying to put the house back in order after all our summer fun.

In other exciting news... I hit the halfway point of this pregnancy!  Twenty weeks down, twenty more to go.  In general I'm feeling better.  But I still get crazy headaches all the time, which is unusual for me, and they suck.  And I haven't been sleeping well because Aaron gets up nearly every night to go to the bathroom.  But otherwise the baby and I both seem to be healthy overall, which is the most important part.  Most days though I just feel like January can't get here fast enough.