Orlando vacation

We were fortunate enough to take a second major family vacation this year.  This time in the opposite direction of our New Hampshire beach trip... down to Orlando.  We've done a lot of driving this year, but fortunately the kids do well on road trips.
Late night road trip milkshakes.

We made it to Disney!  And had to do Fantasia mini-golf.

The first amusement park we went to, by request of a leg-fanatic 6 year old.

Spanish moss.  It doesnt grow around here, which made it seem all the more magical to me.

Dylan builds a super brick to contribute to the park-wide flag building.

Crazy rainbows on the drive back to the hotel.

Disney!  Though the Magic Kingdom wasn't quite as magical as we'd hoped due to all the people, but we made it to the castle.

Aaron photo bomb.

A father and his sons.

Hollywood Studios.  Much less crowded, lots more fun!

Aaron just got into cars about a week before our trip so he was way too excited to stop and look at the camera for me.

Visiting my grandparents while we were there.  It was so nice to see them!

A little boat tour with great grandma and great grandpa.

Palm trees!  Another thing we don't have here.

Matt was super excited about all the Simpsons stuff at Universal Studios.

It is possible to tire him out... it just takes A LOT.