Beach Vacation... chilly edition

We don't really do a lot of beach vacations... mostly because we are mountain-snow-stay at home people.  But we decided to visit a beach that Matt went to as a kid and we had a great time.  Oh, the beach was in New Hampshire (remember that state?) and it was so cold we wore sweatshirts most of the time.  We LOVED it!

First glimpse.

Our hotel.  We all crammed into one small room.  Not the best idea, but we made it work.

Cool texture in the sand at low tide.

My beach walking partner.

We maybe ate our weight in sea food.  It was so good.

The water was basically too cold to swim in, but we still had lots of fun on the sand and rocks.

View from our room, on a day without fog.
Fog starting to come in.

The fog rolled in and kept us from making it to Maine (we couldn't even see the end of our car from the front seats).  So we stopped and got lobster rolls here in NH instead, the were good!

Stormy water

A nice woman offered to take a picture so I could be in the shot.

View from our room after a big storm cleared out.  What beautiful light.

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