Running Update: May 2014

Total Miles for the month: 105.1
Total Miles for 2014: 331.9
Longest run: 13.1 miles
Fastest mile time:  Still the same.

Well, I conquered the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon a couple days ago.  It actually wasn't too terrible.  I think I prepared pretty well so it didn't completely overwhelm me and I've recovered just fine.  The race itself was GREAT.  Beautiful weather, well organized, and a beautiful course.  Lots of shade and lots of rolling hills (I'm not saying I loved the hills, but I am happy that they weren't worse than they were).  My finishing time was 2:23:21 which made me happy because I was really hoping to finish in under 2:30:00, but wasn't sure I would due to bad allergies, hills, heat, etc.  So that gave me an overall 10:57 pace.  Which is awesome, in that I broke an 11:00 pace.  And even more awesome when I look back at last May and see that I ran a 5k with an 11:16 pace.  So it's not that I'm necessarily going much faster, but I am definitely going a lot farther.  And I haven't run a 5k since last July, so who knows what my pace would be for a shorter distance race.  I mean, I know I can run 3 miles in under 30 minutes (barely), and nearly 4 miles in under 40 minutes.  So I'm hoping that translates to a much better 5k time.  Just to make sure I've decided to devote my summer running to speed.  Not that I won't still squeeze in my long runs (which I love), but that I will work more on getting faster and hopefully break a 30 minute 5k, maybe even a 60 minute 10k (though that feels impossible to me at this point).  But I figure that may be an easier goal to accomplish than a longer run especially since Dylan will be out of school and our routine will be out the window.  And let me just put it out there... I have no plans for running a marathon any time soon.  Maybe someday... but that someday is very vague and not in any kind of immediate future.  A half marathon felt like a good distance.  Far enough and challenging enough to require good endurance, but also manageable enough not to completely destroy my body, my life, and my spirit.  I would really only run a marathon because it seems like something I should do (like some benchmark I'm supposed to achieve) which isn't a good enough reason right now.  Plus... I just dont have time for that kind of training.  And if I ever do run a marathon, I want to run it well.... which requires good, time consuming training.Oh, also interesting to note... I ran over 100 miles last month!  Wahoo!  It was the first month ever that I managed to not miss a single run.  I credit that to incredible focus and determination and even more luck that our household stayed healthy enough (major seasonal allergies for 3 out of 4 people--including me-- aside)So now that my big race is over I am in the process of reworking my running schedule and goals.  Hopefully I'll figure all that out soon.  All I know for now is that I'm planning a celebratory fun run tomorrow morning with no watch/timer and no planned distance.  Just run for fun, if that's still possible ;)Push Up Update:  yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh... I had to stop.  It was actually causing me the bad kind of pain in my lower back.  I've tried starting up again, scaling back, etc. but I can feel it even after just 2-3 push ups.  So... instead, for the month of June I'm doing a 30-day ab challenge.  I've done the first 2 days and to be honest, it felt like a whole lot of nothing.  But it gets more intense pretty quickly, so I'm happy to ease into it.  Also, I'm going to try out p90X or whatever and I've been doing more strength training and yoga in general, so hopefully I won't lose my strong new arm muscles that I worked so hard for.  I just really couldn't keep forcing myself to do something that was doing damage like that.  Maybe when I'm a little stronger in my core I can try it again.Here's some pics my dad took at my race.  For once I don't look like I'm dying while I'm running.  Progress :)  

At the start.

Mile 7ish

Approaching the finish.

Floating to the finish, with a smile even.

Finish Line!