New Music to Listen To

Yay!  I get so excited when I have new music to listen to.  I am currently working my way through the following:

Mumford and Sons: Sigh No More
Amazon has been recommending this CD/Band for me for a long time.  I think because I recently purchased several Avett Brothers discs and apparently these bands go hand in hand (even the people who do the Grammys think so).  So after I saw their Grammy performance, I decided to go ahead and get the disc.  I loved their energy and sound.  Plus apparently I'm all into alt-folksy stuff now.

Bright Eyes: In The People's Key
My sister Sarah is obsessed with Bright Eyes like I am with Wilco.  She got me listening to them and I'm happy she did.  I instantly became a Conor Oberst junkie.  This is supposedly the last Bright Eyes album though, which is sad.  This album leans more electronic-y than my preferred Oberst stuff, but it's still good.  And I love his lyrics.  Sarah is going to see Bright Eyes in concert next month (I'll be in FL or else I probably would have wanted to go as well) and I am dying to find out how they are live.  Especially if he can remember all his lyrics since he doesn't have repeated choruses or anything like that (like through-composed music, or I guess this would be through-composed lyrics...  That makes for a lot of words to remember).

Avett Brothers: a few older CDs (getting ready to see them on Friday in DC)
I absolutely love their I And Love And You album and was so glad to see them perform Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promises song at the Grammys (even that title is great).  They have a combo of great lyrics, singing, and instrumentation... It's fun, meaningful, sincere, and insightful all at once.  

It's good listening for the most part.  I'm still getting to know the music so I don't feel completely comfortable writing detailed reviews quite yet.  Just wanted to post a little about what I've been listening to lately.


Another Leftover Recipe

On Sunday night I made Garlic Roasted Chicken and Vegetablesfor dinner.  This is a delicious recipe and very simple to prepare.  I've sent to several mommy friends when they've had babies and it has been well received over all.  Since the meal itself is so good, I figured I'd share my favorite way to eat the leftovers (which I happen to think may be even better than the dinner).  I usually make rice to go with the chicken, which is essential for the leftover recipe.  All I do is cut up some of the leftover chicken into cubes, then I throw some rice, vegetables, and the chicken in a sauté pan (with a little olive oil) and let it heat up.  As usual when I make leftover rice, if you can get some of the rice to brown and crisp up it's extra good.  Then pour into a bowl and enjoy.  Takes a whopping 5 minutes to make.  If it seems a little dry you can add a tablespoon or so of chicken stock, but I find that the residual juices from the night before are plenty good.

This can work with pretty much and rice/veggie/ and or meat combo.  For Christmas my mom made a pork shoulder roast (which was to die for) and I made a roasted vegetable medley (think any kind of veg that can be roasted) and I ate this as leftovers everyday for about a week.  In fact I had to force myself to wait until noon to eat it because I would start thinking about it around 10 and my mouth would start watering. Yum!


Alone Time

In March, a good friend of mine from college is getting married in Florida.  I recently made the arrangements to attend the wedding, and guess what... I'm going by myself.  I'd love to go with Matt but we both agreed that we didn't really want to leave Dylan for that long (especially being so far away) and it's a kid-free wedding so we couldn't bring him with us (we also had a kid-free wedding), so I decided to attend solo.  And I realized something, I've never travelled by myself... Ever!  Which is just crazy, especially since I'm not someone who minds doing things by myself.  So I'm really looking forward to this experience.  I'm sure I'll enjoy being independent for a few days, having a quiet room to relax in and read a few books, and then when it's over I'll be even happier to come home to my husband and kid.  My only concern is having to navigate my way through Orlando, but I will be sure to have detailed directions for everywhere I go, so I should be okay.    

Things I enjoy doing alone:
  • listening to music, especially while driving
  • cleaning
  • playing piano
  • reading
  • going to a coffee shop or bookstore and reading/writing
  • going to my yoga class and not talking to anyone (which no longer happens because someone I barely know from my past is now in the class and she's quite the talker, but that's alright)
  • going to the movies.  I've only done this once because I rarely go to the movies anymore, but it was fun!
  • grocery shopping, mostly because when I do go by myself, I listen to my iPod while I shop

Oh and when I see people eating by themselves at restaurants, etc. I don't really feel bad for them, instead I think it's cool that they don't feel pressured to be with someone at all times.


I have always found the following confusing: how we pronounce lose and loose so differently from how we pronounce chose and choose. The more I think about it, the more confused I get and the less convinced I am that choose is even a word (seriously, look at it, it's weird). End of Friday Morning Ramdomness.