List Time

I'm an INFJ according to all the Myers-Briggs assessments Ive done.  I pretty much agree with that.  (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging). I know that one test can't possibly capture my entire personality, which is fine.   But knowing that I have a stronger introverted tendency, than extroverted helps me identify and explain certain behaviors I have so I think it's a valid label to that degree (one day I'll write a post about my take on labels.)

I remember reading somewhere that J types like to make lists, I cant remember where I heard that though so it may not be true, but I'm pretty much basing this post on that, so i hope the reason I remembered it is that there is something truth to it. (ha!- this statement right here totally reinforces my INFJ-ness).  I am a list-aholic.  Seriously, I keep lists of some of the most ridiculous things.  There's the obvious to-do lists as well as grocery and shopping lists (which I couldn't get through the week without), but lately there have been even more: lists of ways I want to save money, lists of food I want to cook for the first time this year, a list of resolutions, an actual written out lists of my own personal morals and values, lists of work thats been done to the house, lists of books I've read (which I've had to start over since Visual Bookshelf on Facebook crapped out), a list of books I want to read, a brand new list of books I want to re-read, and let's not forgot my last post... a list of my favorite concerts. Actually I think that whole last sentence was basically a list of my lists.  Oooh, I never thought of making a list like that before... a Master List to help me keep track of all the little things I want to keep track of in life.  Hmmm... I know what I'll be doing when I finish this post.

Um it can get out of hand at times, but one thing I like about my iPad is that I can keep all my lists in one place.  Update and change them on the go without scraps of papers and 40 million notebooks lying all over the house.  It's helping me fully embrace (and maybe obsess over) my list making trait.  So the thought occurred to me the other day that maybe I could write more of my blog posts in list format.  I mean, a bunch of them already are, and more would have been, but I purposely changed them so it doesn't look like I'm entirely incapable of writing in paragraph form.  Here's one to conclude this post:

My List for Why I Like Lists:
  • they keep my day to day activities organized
  • they keep my thoughts organized
  • it's a simple way to externalize things I want to remember or keep track of (especially helpful since my memory is not the greatest)
  • they are short and to the point and quick to jot down
  • they are easy to go back to and get quick information

More lists to come in the near future!


Top Concerts

I've been in a list making mood lately.  Which isn't really saying much since I am pretty much always in a list making mood, but it's been even more than normal lately.  Since seeing live music makes me really happy I decided to make a list of some of my favorite concerts.  So here they are:  

1.  Jeff Tweedy in Charlottesville last month.  I still can't believe that I went to this.  It was incredible from start to finish.
2.  Wilco in Pittsburgh this past April.  Mostly because they had no opening act and played for just about 3 hours so we got to hear lots of their music.  Secondly, because they did a small, acoustic set in the middle of the show and there's nothing more I love than breaking things down like that.  Thirdly, because they performed Laminated Cat.  Fourthly, because the venue was a beautiful small chamber ensemble type theater, our view was great, and the sound was amazing.
3.  Bob Dylan with the Racontuers opening for him.  Front row seats again.  Jack White was AMAZING live.  This show turned me into a big fan of his. It was awesome to see Bob Dylan up close like that, I can't believe he is still touring and sounding good (even if it's tough to understand him, the music is still great).
4.  Jars of Clay at the Birchmere several years ago.  I've seen them live a ton... it helps that they play the Birchmere fairly often.  But this show stands out because they did a little acoustic set in the middle of the show (remember how I said that I loved that?) They sound their best without a bunch of electronic stuff, unfortunately they seem to be moving more and more in that direction, so I didn't even buy their most recent album, even though I own every other one of theirs.  Sigh.
5.  Buddy Guy at the Birchmere.  I admit, I don't really listen to his music, but Matt does, so I went with him (and our friend Mike) for this show.  And it was really good.  Buddy Guy really interacts with the audience and is an incredible musician, but mostly I just remember this show was fun.  I was a little concerned ahead of time that it would be little boring to me... A non blues guitar aficionado, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.
6.  Every other Wilco concert.  They are just so good live, I really had to fight the urge to list them as #s 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...  The first show we saw them at an outdoor venue in MD, the time we had 3rd row seats in Phillie and they started with Sunken Treasure, seeing them with Conor Oberst at Wolf Trap last summer with the whole crowd getting into all the songs... All good :)
7.  White Stripes at the Patriot Center.  I don't think they're touring anymore so I'm glad we got to see them at least once.  Again, Jack White is just such a captivating performer, even though there's only 2 people in the band, it stayed interesting.  And I loved Hotel Yorba!
8. The time Matt got to meet one of his favorite musicians... Nuno Bettencourt at Jaxx.  I cant remember which band he was performing with at the time... Mourning Widows possibly.  Nuno used to be the guitarist for Extreme back in the day... Remember "More Than Words"?  That's him!  We got there super early so we could sit at the bar and watch the Yankee-Red Sox game (the big 2004 games where the Red Sox made a comeback from 0-3) and the band was there watching too, since they're from Boston and big fans, they had even been at the game the previous night.  Matt got to chat with him for a little while and then later during the show he even got to go onstage and sing a little (meanwhile, I left my camera in the car... Oops).  We've also seen Vanilla Ice at Jaxx...  Haha, how awesome are we?

Hopefully I didn't leave any important ones out.  But there are definitely lots more concerts that I've enjoyed and will remember, these just really stand out.


Randomness Post

A few random thoughts and things going on lately:

2011 is off to a fairly uneventful start.  I made a bunch of personal resolutions in late 2010 that I have been doing well with.  I added one official 2011 resolution (in addition to the few personal goals I mentioned in my last post), which is to stop watching TV while Dylan is napping (at least during the week).  I've only had one slip up so far, but otherwise I really like the restriction, I can do anything else I want.  So a lot of time I clean, try to get through a few productive tasks, but I also read, listen to music, take a little nap, and surf the Internet.

I remember when I was younger and I'd get a new CD and take it into my room, listen to it over and over while reading the lyrics until I knew all of the songs completely.  I miss doing that.  Now I'm lucky if I even learn the name of a song.  Case in point, the other night I was listening to a Bright Eyes song and thought, "for some reason this song always reminds me of Ode to Joy (better known as Beethoven's 9th symphony") then I actually looked at the name of the song in case I wanted to do a little research on it later and it turns out the name of the song is "Road to Joy!" I've had this album for several years and I never realized this.  Could just be a crazy coincidence, but I'm guessing that the similarity between the two songs in unintentional.  Had I gotten this cd in high school, I would have noticed the connection immediately.  Anyway, so I've started listening to my music that way again.  Learning and memorizing it as much as possible, it's fun and it makes me happy :) a way better alternative to watching wasteful TV like Food Network all the time.

Last night I used the slicer attachment on my food processor to cut cabbage for some peanut slaw.  Wow, that was soooo ridiculously easy.  I've had that thing for 6 1/2 years, and never realized all it's capable of doing.  I think that's largely due to the fact that I used to have so much junk in my kitchen that the food processor was a huge pain to take out.  So I never used it.  Now that it's easily accessible though I probably use it 2-3 times a week.  I think that's fairly true of most things that survived the kitchen purge.  Again, something little that makes me happier.

I end a lot of sentences with prepositions.  I'm aware of it whenever it happens, and try to correct it if possible, but sometimes I can't figure out how to reword the sentence so I just leave it.  I'm definitely not the only one who does it.

Sometimes when I look around the house, I get discouraged because despite all our purging efforts of the last year I still feel like the house doesn't look all that different.  What else can I get rid of?!?!?  I think the main reason I feel that though is because most of our purging was with stuff hidden in drawers and cabinets and closets.  Not the open spaces you see all the time.  This year Matt and I are planning to do some major changes to the house though, so I'm trying to hold off judgement until everything is done.