GH Post

Another reason to love General Hospital:

Sometimes if an actor's contract runs up and they dont renew it, instead of getting rid of the character, the show will just replace him/her with a new actor. When the new actor first appears, there's a voice over that says "The role of Carly will now be played by so-and-so." Sometimes they do this too when an actor is just on vacation, it's like having a sub. At first I'm always pissed off when they replace people, but eventually you get used to the new person. I imagine it does make things difficult when they want to do flashbacks, because they dont want to bounce around to all the different versions of one character, so it kinda limits how far back in time they can go.

But here is why I bring this up. Tomorrow they are adding a new character to the show. The thing is that the actress portraying the new character used to be the original Carly a LOOONG time ago. Now she's coming back, to play someone different, while another woman plays the current Carly. Seriously... where else do you get that kind of realism?


Pizza Night

I went over to my parent's house for dinner tonight. My dad made home-made pizza, which he hasn't done in a really long time. When we were younger he used to make pizza every Sunday night. I think it began when he told my mom, after she had a surgery, that he would cook one dinner for every staple she got to close up the incisions... thinking there would only be a few. But then it turned out that there were tons (I dont know the exact number, but it's way more than you'd expect). So the Sunday Pizza night tradition was born.

So while we were all eating pizza we also watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. One of the women on Wheel of Fortune bothered me. She solved one puzzle when she only had $400 and there were plenty of letters left on the board. Then when she earned $10,000 and it was a prize puzzle (meaning they give a secret surprise to whoever wins the puzzle), she kept spinning even though she obviously knew the puzzle (since she was picking letters like "v") and there weren't very many letters left to pick anyway... and then surprise surprise... she spun one too many times and landed on Bankrupt. But I was confused as to why she solved one puzzle with only $400... and why she kept going with another puzzle when she had well over $10,000.

Jeopardy was awesome as always. My dad and I both got the final jeopardy... something along the lines of:
This land, named after an Italian, was only mentioned once by Shakespeare, in the play "Comedy of Errors." (it might actually be a different play than that)

The answer (or question really): What is America?

Only one of the contestants got it right, and she obviously guessed, since she was shaking her head before Alex said she had the right answer.


Pregnancy Dreams

I was just reading up on Month 7 in the What to Expect When You're Expecting book and I came across a section about pregnancy related dreams. I found this interesting because I have definitely had some very odd pregnancy related dreams, and none of the other pregnant women I know seem to have them (okay, so I only know 2 other pregnant people).

Anyway... towards the beginning of the pregnancy I used to dream about tornadoes a lot. We would all be at home (me, matt, and the dog), and all of a sudden there would be a tornado warning, and I'd look out the window and I could see it coming. And Matt would be like "I dont know what to do" so I'd run through the house real quick and open all the windows (so the pressure change wouldnt cause them to explode-- I think I remember learning that the year I lived in Kansas and we had tornado drills at school), and then I would drag matt and the dog into the basement bathroom (because it's the closest thing we've got to an underground room and there are no windows in there.) And we'd sit it out. But the tornado would never get that close to our house. Sometimes it would destroy everything around us, but we always came out okay. But just because nothing too bad ever happened in the dream, dont think that it was pleasant for me. Dreaming of surviving natural disasters 2 or 3 times a week gets to be exhausting. Anyway, my interpretation: definitely had something to do with feeling out of control when I found out I was pregnant. But at the same time, also realizing that I would be able to handle the situation and come out ok in the end, even if I get a little scared along the way.

Next series of recurring dreams: These are a little more direct, and they arent exactly the same, but there are very strong similarities, so I'll just describe those. They usually start with me in the hospital right after I've had the baby. Usually there's a lot of "family" around (not really my family, but in the dream they are my family), and they are all excited about the baby, while I'm laying in the hospital bed trying to figure out what is going on. Then someone gives me the baby and, not surprisingly, it can talk (I say "it" because sometimes it's a girl and sometimes it's a boy). And usually it says something like "are you sure you know how to be a mom? because I can take care of myself you know." From there on, no matter what I do, the baby tells me I'm doing it wrong, makes me stop, and then takes over and does it on his own. A lot of times too I'll end up going somewhere and a little while later I'll realize that I dont have the baby with me and I can't remember where I last saw it. I dont think that one needs my help at interpreting. I just hope that particular dream stops... soon.

Random Musings

No rhyme or reason to anything in this post:

When I was singing in choirs (for church and school), I learned a bunch of things about language that I never really paid attention to before. For example, people have a naturally tendency to pronounce "want you" as "wan-chew." Which is a big no-no when singing. But now whenever I'm listening to the radio and I hear someone say "wan-chew" instead of making the effort to clearly annunciate, it totally stands out, and kinda bothers me. Another interesting choir-language observation concerns the word "the." I never realized before that sometimes people pronounce it like "thuh" especially before a word that starts with a consonant, and sometimes you pronounce it "thee," especially before a word beginning with a vowel. In choir that was pretty much the rule (totally unknown to me before), but I've started noticing it while people are speaking too. But if someone would have asked me how to pronounce "the" I would have only said the first way, I dont think "thee" would have ever crossed my mind.

Other language issues... one night the security guard at the library was working on his english skills (he's fluent for the most part, but still struggles with complex grammar... who doesnt?) So he asked us the difference between the words "have" and "had" and when it's appropriate to use them. In all honest, I have no idea. Here was the example he gave: They have shut the doors. They had shut the doors. This is why I could never master a foreign language.

Baby update... all seems to be healthy and good so far. Apparently I'm gaining more weight than I should be, but as long as the baby's doing fine, I think that's the important thing. He's started kicking a lot more now. I read that it's because he's started building fat which gives him more energy, making him more active. I feel kicks, jabs, and swirly sensations pretty much all day long now. I've also picked out and registered for all the baby stuff I think I'll need (which I'm sure is probably nothing like what I'll actually need), though that was a loooong process. First I had to find out what stuff babies need, then I researched all the products to see which were best, then I went to babys r us to see them in person and make sure it really was something I wanted. Hopefully I picked good, safe items. Next week Matt and I are cleaning out the future baby's room... I have no idea where all the stuff is going to go though. I have a feeling that having a baby is going to require that I get over my issues with clutter.

I think that's about it for now. I have to admit that I really enjoy not going to school. But it has been challenging try to find ways to be productive around the house, though I think I'm doing a good job. Cleaning out stuff, repairing stuff, getting ready for the baby... plenty to keep me busy, just doesnt really make for interesting blog posts.