It's finally starting to get cooler out, which I'm happy about. I'd be even happier if the heat was working in our house. Last night got pretty cold, but fortunately we have really warm blankets so I didn't really notice it until I got out of bed this morning. But tomorrow we have someone coming to look at it and hopefully fix it as well.

In other unrelated news... we got Guitar Hero for the wii this weekend. It's so much fun. I'm not a big video game person, but I've definitely already put in a few hours already. I don't think I'll be a guitar hero expert or anything. So far I've just been playing on the medium level. Today I tried a song on the hard level and I dont think I lasted anymore than 7% of the way into the song. It is incredibly more challenging than the medium level. So I think I'll just work in the medium mode a little longer.

Also, this week I go in for another sonogram. This could be the time I find out the sex of the baby. I really hope the doctors are able to tell, I'm dying to know. But for the record I dont have a preference one way or another... I'm just curious. Plus then I can really start planning baby stuff. I've also started feeling the baby move a lot more in the past week or so. They aren't big movements (I can barely feel them if I put my hand on my stomach, but I can definitely feel them internally), but once they kid starts going they last for about 5 minutes or so. It's a really weird feeling, but cool in a way. The only this is that I wish this baby were on the same sleep cycle as me. I've been woken up a couple nights in the past week because of the little flutters.

Alright, time to bundle up under the covers in what I hope is our last night without heat.


Excitement at Panera

Matt and I did a little shopping this morning... I finally caved and got some maternity clothes. I wore them earlier this evening and I feel stupid for not getting them sooner. They are way more comfortable than squeezing into nonpregnancy pants.

But anyway, before we started shopping we got bagels at Panera. Our server seemed pretty new (based on how long it took him to find the items on the register, not that it was too long, but you could tell that he wasn't really familiar with the layout yet.) After we ordered I went to the drink station to wait for the drinks we ordered, and Matt waited at the bagel section while our server sliced and toasted our bagels. I'm not sure if you've spent much time at the Panera by the outlets, but it isn't exactly the speediest, most efficient place to get food. So after waiting for what I think is longer than I should for the drinks, I noticed that Matt was still waiting on our bagels (which usually doesnt take too long).

So I walked over to wait with him and that's when I saw that the server was trying to put out our bagels which were on fire in the trash can. Apparently he took one of the bagels out of the toaster with a piece of paper rather than (non-fire-catching) tongs. And when he noticed the flames he threw it into the trash can, which was (surprise) filled with equally flammable paper, so things just got worse. But he didn't seem to concerned (I on the other hand was wondering how long it would take for more people to notice and for someone to come over with a fire extinguisher.) Eventually another guy came over to help (equally not as freaked out) and they figured out that they wouldn't be able to put out the fire by standing there and smushing everything down further in the trash can so one of them grabbed it and brought it into the back room where I think I heard him say that he used one of the sink's faucets to put out the fire.

Then the guy came back out and sliced a bagel, put it in the toaster and pulled it out of the toaster with a piece of paper... which, again, caught on fire. But I guess he learned his lesson (or at least part of the lesson) and didn't throw the paper in the trash and instead placed it on a blank spot of the metal counter and just let it burn out. But based on how non-fazed these guys were, I'm guessing this wasn't the first time (and probably wont be the last time) that they've caught bagels on fire at work.


Back to the Real World

Well, our vacation ended on Saturday but it feels like it's taking me all week to get back to normal. Matt and I were completely exhausted by the time we left Vegas. But I think that's because we both decided to do as much as possible since we probably wont be going back (at least not anytime in the foreseeable future). After Matt finished up his work related stuff, we had lunch with two of my uncles that live in Vegas (who helped us get this picture above), we saw the Penn and Teller show as well as O (which was surreal to say the least), and played a little blackjack.

It's definitely good to be back home though. I have to admit that I've been feeling more tired than usual. But I think that's due to the busy week we had and the time changes, so hopefully I'll start to get my energy back to somewhat normal soon. I thought I had more to write about, but I think I'm really just stalling before I have to go to work. So until next time...


Suze Orman's advice

Matt and I were watching Oprah while taking a break from the crazy Vegas lifestyle. Suze Orman was on giving financial advice to couples in insane amounts of debt. One tip she gave a guy who had a huge DVD collection: download his DVDs onto an iPod (or something like an iPod) and then sell the DVDs. good way to make some money... so long as you dont mind breaking the law doing it. Good advice to be giving out on national television, especially on something like Oprah, where all the unsuspecting Oprah-drones will follow whatever is said. Why dont people care about copyright laws? (granted I wish they were so crazy myself, I know that the way it is now really just protects big corporations like Disney so they can make crazy amounts of money, instead of serving the purpose copyright was created for-- to support creativity and the progress of culture-- but still, it's pretty irresponsible to go on tv and advise someone to do something illegal.)


What Happens in Vegas...

... gets reported about in my blog.

Today is Day 2 of our Vegas vacation. So far we're having a good time (aside from the fact that Matt has spent all of today in a work conference, and I spent the majority of the day finishing homework for the class I missed tonight).

We arrived early yesterday. After a LONG LONG LONG wait for a cab at the airport (apparently there's some huge conference going on this week and everyone flew in for it yesterday at the same time we got here), we arrived at our hotel. The MGM Grand. It's pretty nice. Lots of casino space and restaurants. We had a small mishap with our room but that just resulted in the hotel bumping us up to a room on the 18th floor, so now we have a nice view of Caesar's Palace and the Bellagio on the strip.

I expected Vegas to be over the top before I got here, so I wasn't really too surprised with all the excess, but I was surprised with all the parallels between Vegas and Disney. And since I've visited both of them this year I thought I do a little comparison.

1. Expensive. Everything at both places is crazy expensive. I think we paid like $3 for a bottle of water yesterday. But again, that's kind of expected at places like these.

2. Lines. There are lines for everything! I mean, Matt and I must have waited like 45 mins for a cab, then this morning I waited about 20 minutes in line for the breakfast buffet (to get seated, not to get food). The only thing I dont see lines for are the casino games, but I think that's because there are just so many of them.

3. Entertainment. Lots going on, lots to do. Free stuff, and expensive stuff. Last night we saw David Copperfield. The tickets were more than most concert tickets (at ticketmast prices, not ebay-Hannah Montana prices), but it was a small venue and a really good show, so I think the value was there. We also have tickets for Penn and Teller and the cirque d soleil show O over at the Bellagio, and possible one more if we can squeeze it in. But there are also free things to do. There's a lion habitat in the hotel that we can see for free, and I've heard that there are mini shows and attractions throughout the strip (we just haven't gotten out too much yet so we haven't seen them). But there's no shortage of stuff to do. Oh, and did I mention the gambling, that's always available of course. So far I've just been playing the slots, and usually just the penny slots, because that's right in my price range. (I actually won $8 on one play earlier today, but overall I've lost about $15... not too bad though) I'm hoping that we'll wake up early one morning and find a $5 table though because otherwise it's just too expensive to play.

4. Themes. Everything has a theme. There's a lion theme in the MGM, which makes me feel like it's really a Lion King theme. Next to this hotel is the Excalibur, which looks like a castle, on the other side is New York New York (the theme is obvious). But it all reminds me of all the themes at Disney: Epcot, movies, characters. I think Vegas is like Disney for grown-ups. Which brings me to the biggest DIFFERENCE between the two... Disney= millions of kids ALL over the place, Vegas= very few kids anywhere.

So those are my thoughts and our experiences so far. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week, especially now that I've finished my homework :)


Sunday Thoughts and Events

So far it's been a fairly typical Sunday.

-Matt and I decided to go out for breakfast this morning. Of course I didn't get up until late so by the time we were ready, all the good breakfast places were packed... as in lines of people waiting outside. So we went for our usual Panera. Then we drove around Ashburn trying to find a neighborhood we'd want to live in... nothing. Wanna know why? Because builders build these huge houses on these itty-bitty plots of land where your dining room is practical in your neighbors kitchen. It irritates me SO much. Why cant there just be normal sized houses on normal sized plots of land with a decent amount of space between you and your neighbors. grr

-Then i went to my yoga class. Which felt really good. I missed it last week and felt really tense and uncomfortable all week. So it was nice to go out and stretch some more.

-After that I went to the only drive thru place I know of that has salads that dont come with chicken on them... burger king. And technically salads sans chicken isn't on their menu, but if you order one, they charge you less than the salads that are on the menu. bonus.

-So now I'm at home, having just finished my delicious garden salad, watching Gossip Girl on tv and checking my email. Two interesting things there... Gossip Girl is based on the teenage series of novels. I read one for a class this summer and it wasn't all that great. The show is even worse, yet I'm watching anyway. I also got my weekly "here's what's happening with your pregnancy this week" email. I found out that these sharp stabbing pains I get from standing up too quickly are called round ligament pain which is apparently normal. Just one more thing to add to my list of things you can only experience while i'm pregnant. yay

-Now it's time for me to get up and do laundry because bright and early tomorrow morning matt and I leave for Las Vegas!



I got one of the greatest gifts ever today... the gift of a clean house. My mother-in-law was kind enough to give me the gift of a monthly maid service. She knew that I've been struggling with keeping up with house chores, so today she sent over her cleaning ladies to help with the floors and the bathrooms. And I have to say, these women did such an amazing job that for a long time I couldn't stop inspecting their work. Behind the toilet- check, shower doors- check (they look brand new, they even cleaned the tracks for the shower doors), bathroom mats- check, vacuumed stairs- check, vacuumed the vertical part of the steps- check, mopped up all the eve drool marks from the wooden floor- check, cleaned the baseboards- check (yeah this doesnt seem like such a big deal, but trust me, it is). I mean, it's amazing. They took care of all the little things that drive me crazy, so I dont have to worry about them anymore. Maybe I'll finally have the time and energy to finish the laundry now. ahhh, what a thoughtful and helpful gift this was. Having a clean house really makes me feel much more relaxed. I think it's because all the little dirt clutter is gone (and clutter makes me feel cramped, which is not a relaxing feeling).

In other news, not much is new. I'm still getting sick even though I'm in my 4th month (supposedly the nausea and throwing up is supposed to be going away at this point... but considering the fact that I threw up on route 28 this week, I'm gonna say that hasn't happened yet). I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, they just listened to the heartbeat. At first the doctor didn't find the heartbeat right away, which (unknown to her) caused me to totally freak out, but eventually she put the little microphone thingie in the right place and we could hear it ticking away. Hopefully we'll find out the sex of the baby in a few weeks. I can't wait. I know some people want to be surprised the day of the big event, but I want to know as soon as possible. I still don't look pregnant yet. I do look fat though, which isn't quite as fun. I haven't bought any maternity clothes so far, other than a bathing suit for my water aerobics class (because I was afraid that by the time I needed a maternity bathing suit, they wouldn't be selling them in stores anymore). Mostly because I don't think maternity clothes would fit me yet, but also because I'm not mentally ready to be at that point. I dont know how much longer I'll be able to put that off though... my wardrobe is rapidly shrinking (well, more accurately, I'm rapidly expanding).

Let's see... other news updates:
-Matt and I are going to Vegas next week. He has a work conference and I'm tagging along for the gambling and shows. I got us tickets for David Copperfield and Penn and Teller. I'm really excited! I'm sure Vegas will be over the top in excess (yes I know that's redundant), but I think it's still worth seeing at least once. Plus, I enjoy playing blackjack at 9:00 in the morning while the minimum bets are low.
-My parents did something I never thought they'd do in a million years... they got a dog. A puppy even (well, an older puppy... 7 months). I guess since my youngest sister is basically the last of the children still living at home, they finally caved and decided to get her a companion. So a few weeks ago we went down to the Pet Smart in Falls Church to see a german shepherd mix, and she turned out to be the dog they took home (I like to take some credit for that since I was the one who found the dog online and arranged for the meeting). So far, the dog's been great. She likes to sleep in a crate, and hasn't had any accidents. Other than some chewing and a skin rash there have been no problems. She (her name is April) gets along great with Eve too, though Eve had a hard time keeping up with her (but that didn't stop Eve from making sure that April knew who was boss).
-We went and checked out some houses in Purcellville. A new-ish neighborhood that's still under construction. I did my research on the houses and thought they sounded perfect for us. And when we saw them I was even more convinced! Until we drove around the neighborhood and saw a waste water plant across the street from them. That's a deal breaker. If you ever drive through Leesburg near the outlet mall at night, you may smell this very strong sewage smell. That's from Leesburg's waste water treatment. Fortunately we are far from this stink, but there are townhouses near the outlet mall that I'm POSITIVE must be able (and forced) to smell it nearly every night. No way am I going to move into a neighborhood like that. I was so heart broken though. And so our never ending quest for a house continues...

I guess that's about all for now.