Maybe I'm Just Driving Too Much

You know what cars really need? Some kind of horn that lets drivers behind you know you are not happy with them. Typically when someone honks a horn the people to the front or immediate sides of the car think they are honking at them. So what am I supposed to do when Mr Jerk in a fancy mercedes is driving right on my tail and the guy in front of me keeps slamming on his brakes for no reason? And of course, i am following him at a safe distance so that I have time to step on my brakes and not hit him... which seems like a good reason to step on the brakes (as opposed to just stepping on them because they're there, which is what I think this guy was doing). But Mr Jerk behind me is practically kissing my car and I want to let him know to back off so I dont have to worry about him slamming into me when I have to react to Sir-Brakes-A-Lot. My solution: we need some kind of signal for the cars behind us. Like maybe a big banner that says "back off" or "if you're in such a hurry, why don't you switch lanes?" or "please drive safely, I dont feel like getting in a car accident today." Or some special kind of horn with a unique honk that lets everyone know that the car you are pissed off at is the one right behind you... and not the one in front of you (though I wasn't all that thrilled with that guy either).

Okay, time for bed now.


These Things Happen in Threes

That's the saying anyway... and today I figured out who the other two people are.

#1- On Friday I told the people I work with that I am pregnant (actually they guessed it when I started off by saying "I have to let you guys know something..."). Right after I made my announcement, another girl I work with was like "well... I wasnt going to say anything yet, but... I am too!"

#2- My mom just called me to let me know that I have another cousin on the way. It turns out that my aunt is pregnant. Not that it's a race or anything, but I'm due first. Which means that I am going to have a cousin younger than my own kid. This is what happens when your mom's family consists of 11 children, and your aunt is only 5 years older than you.


What are Capers Anyway?

A few weeks ago Matt and I went out to dinner with his parents. His mom had some tartar sauce that had some little green things in it. At first she thought they were some kind of pickled peas, but when I saw them I said "oh those are capers." I dont think she believed me at first (because she had never had capers), but eventually she was convinced. Of course, I have no idea what capers are... I mean I know one when I see it, I know what it tastes like (actually they taste a lot like what pickled peas probably taste like), so I looked it up in Wikipedia... because that is the easiest way to get quick info now a days.

The salted and pickled caper bud (also called caper) is often used as a seasoning or garnish. Capers are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. The grown fruit of the caper shrub is also used, and prepared similarly to the buds to be used as caper berries.

The buds, when ready to pick, are a dark olive green and about the size of a kernel of corn. They are picked, then pickled in salt, or a salt and vinegar solution.

Capers are a distinctive ingredient in Sicilian and Southern Italian cooking, used in salads, pizzas, meat dishes and pasta sauces. Examples of uses in Italian cuisine are Chicken piccata and Salsa puttanesca. They are also often served with cold smoked salmon or cured salmon dishes (especially lox and cream cheese). Capers are also sometimes substituted for olives to garnish a martini.

Capers are categorized and sold by their size, defined as follows, with the smallest sizes being the most desirable: Non-pareil (0-7 mm), surfines (7-8 mm), capucines (8-9 mm), capotes (9-11 mm), fines (11-13 mm), and grusas (14+ mm).

Unripe nasturtium seeds can be substituted for capers; they have a very similar texture and flavour when pickled.


The Real Reason for the Lack of Posts

Okay, so over the past several weeks I haven't been entirely honest about my reason for not writing much. Mostly I haven't been posting very often because I've been completely exhausted, which has caused me to cut out most extra activities, like using the computer (except when I absolutely have to for school), and instead I spend that time napping. And the reason I'm so tired all the time? Well as it turns out... I'm pregnant!

I've known since the end of July, but Matt and I decided to only tell a few people until I was further along. Now I'm nearly three months, and the pressure of the secret has gotten to be too much, so today I told extended family and friends, which I suppose makes it ok to talk about it in my blog now.

Along with exhaustion I've had a pretty nasty case of morning sickness, but I'm learning how to cope with that so nausea doesnt consume my whole life (like it did for a while). Mostly I just have to eat a lot (but I dont cook because smells=sick) because I tend to get sick whenever I have an empty stomach. But to combat my increase in eating I've signed up for some prenatal exercise classes at the rec center. I'm taking a water aerobics class (which is a lot of fun) and a yoga class (which is very relaxing).

So that's my big news, and the real reason behind the lack of posts. Since my life has pretty much revolved around my new situation it made it tough to write about other things without mentioning the fact that I'm pregnant. Matt and I are both very excited (though at first we were both just shocked), and we've already got some of the "essential" baby items... such as: a "Littlest Red Sox Fan" baby shirt, a Starbucks apron for babies, and a baby pair of Chucks. Sounds to me like we're all set. :)