So the other day was my birthday. I'm now officially a quarter of a century old.

For the most part my day was a typical Thursday. I cleaned all morning, taught in the afternoon, then had rehearsal in the evening. My mom had a dinner for me on Sunday (since she knew I'd be busy), so we pretty much celebrated my birthday then. My parents got me a crock pot, which is something I've wanted so that Matt and I can actually have real dinners again. This way I can just throw a bunch of ingredients together in the morning and by evening we'll have something to eat. Which is good for us since I am either working or at school nearly every night of the week (it makes for a lot of "cereal" dinners). I havent used the crock pot yet, but I think I might test it out tomorrow. Hopefully it's as easy to use as everyone's been telling me.
Since most of the festivities occured Sunday, my actual birthday was pretty low key. Matt and I went to Macaroni Grill for dinner because I love their tiramisu (it's a HUGE piece, even for two people), and for some reason it just wouldnt feel like my birthday if I didnt get to eat a lot of tiramisu. Then we had rehearsal right after that, which was a little longer than usual, but very productive and the music at church should sound great this week. So after reharsal I walked out to my car, and there were a dozen roses on the dashboard... how did matt do that? I guess keeping the doors unlocked pays off everyonce and while. Anyway, that was very sweet and unexpected. And what girl doesnt love to get flowers?

So that was my birthday in a nutshell. Oh one other funny thing was that one of my piano students got me a gift. She got me a romance novel... which I thought was kinda funny/odd at first (since she's only 11... I dont think she really knew what kind of book it was), but then she told me that she picked it out because she knew I was in library school so I must like to read, and the main character of the book was a music teacher. So after hearing her explanation I thought it was a very thoughtful gift.


School update

Yeah, this is probably going to be at the front of my mind and topics of my blog for a long time. So far, it has been a LOT of work, and it's only gonna get worse from here. In fact once October gets here, I probably wont have any life outside of homework and work, so don't expect to see me blogging much at that point. Or maybe i'll be blogging a lot because i'll be on my computer nonstop.

For the most part my fall classes are far better than my summer classes. But also TONS more work. In comparison, it hardly seems like I was in school at all this summer. I read non stop now. Which is something I've said that I wanted to get back into, but if I have to read nonstop, I really wish the content could be slightly more interesting (I'm sorry, but "The History of Documented Information Management in Western Civilization" will put me to sleep, there's just no way around that). But i do find the subject itself fairly interesting, if for no other reason than the fact that I get to learn about how to organize things better. Wahoo. Also I get to see all the crazy kinds of resources that are available that I never knew about before (unfortunately most of them are subscription based, so once I leave school I wont be able to use them anymore.) My favorite one so far is the Classical Music Library, which contains a TON of classical music you can listen to online (you can listen to the whole work, not just a 30 second clip). I wish I had known about that as an undergrad because it would have saved me hundreds of dollars in CD anthologies. Oh well.

So I read non stop. And I organize non stop. And in between I work and clean and try to have a small social/leisure life. I'm trying to keep a good balance, but I can feel myself slipping into the pulls of obsessing over school (i enjoy it so much). One thing I think I've decided to change so I can use my time more efficiently is my method of note taking. I have still been taking notes by hand (which still seems to be the most common way of taking notes), but today I used my laptop in one class and it was so much easier. Not only that, but as a study method I always go through and type and organize my notes before tests. But I honestly dont have enough time to type up all my notes. So I guess it's time to cut out the middle man... no more hand written notes. I guess I'll have to figure out which seats are closest to a power outlet now so my laptop doesnt die 20 minutes before class ends (which it did today.)

Anyway... Here's a story I'll end with:
While waiting for one of my classes today I over heard a girl and guy talking. The girl was complaining about some class she had to take that was dumb, but she had to take it. The guy asked her what class it was and she was like "Intro to Lawn Care." !!!!!!! funniest thing I've heard in a long time. I think I laughed for a full two minutes thinking about what kind of text they would have, what their syllabus would look like, what their parents would say when they saw that as one of the classes their child was taking, what questions would be on the exams, the fact that a majority of students in the class probably didnt even have their own lawn to take care of (since I'm guessing this is an undergrad class)... the sad thing is that I would probably not pass that class... at least not based on the current condition of our lawn. Ah, it was a nice comic relief in the middle of a very very very long day.


3 things

This is kind of a spin off from my last entry.

There are three things that affect my decision when it comes to what music I'm going to listen to. Those things are: 1- mood, 2- activity, and 3- weather. For some reason weather has a bigger impact on my decision than I would have expected. For instance, I have winter and summer music. Winter tends to be more mellow, laid back, while summer music tends to be more upbeat, poppy, and singable. I also have rainy day, sunny day, and snow music.

Rainy Day

Good rainy day music:
Beth Orton
A Life Less Ordinary soundtrack
Tori Amos
Fiona Apple

Good rainy day food:
Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches

Good rainy day activities:
Organize photos
Watch favorite movie

Bad rainy day activity:
Yesterday Matt and I finished painting the garage floor. So we left all our stuff that's usually in the garage in the driveway. I checked the weather report like 4 times and it didnt say anything about rain, so I figured the stuff would be fine. Then this morning I wake up to the sound of static... oh wait, that's not static... it's rain! So we both quickly run downstairs and start moving stuff into the now perfectly clean and painted garage.

This is what one of my professors would describe as "what happens when recall is not 100%" (which is actually what one of my homework assignments I just finished was all about). Thanks weather.



It's lines like this that make me love watching General Hospital.

"I heard you were facing lions baby, I thought you could use a whip and a chair." --Luke Spencer on returning to find out that his daughter is pregnant with his step-son's baby and being bullied into giving up custody to the crazy and overly wealthy Quartermane family.

You just dont get drama like that on normal TV shows. haha


Labor Day Weekend

Ahh the holiday weekend... where did you go?
Here's a quick recap of what I've been up to:

Friday I had lunch with an old friend of mine. A girl I was good friends with in 8th grade when I lived over in Germany. We've managed to stay semi-connected over the years through occasional IMs, and Christmas cards from our parents (her father and my father worked together). Another form of connection came from my aunt... she was my friend's chemistry teacher in high school at one point (they both lived in Belgium at the time). That was a great lunch. Then I got home and found out that my professors (classes start tomorrow) had finally posted their syllabi (i hate that word, syllabus is okay though) and I had a ton of reading to get through by Tuesday. Yay for WebCT.

Saturday started out by heading up to UMD to buy the books I needed to read. Of course even though I reserved the books ahead of time, the main book I needed was no longer there. Hopefully I'm not the only one in that situation. Then Matt and I went to Guitar Center where he tried out every single guitar in the store... none were good enough though. I spent my time checking out some sound equipment and practicing the correct way to roll up cords (I did find one dead cable in the process... I was so proud of myself for figuring that out), unfortunately I dont think I understand how to do it... I have the hardest time with spatial things, oh well. We spent a long time there, a very long time. Despite being music oriented, Guitar Center is not my favorite place.

On Sunday I did the usual church thing... 9:15 with the band (plus new singers... exciting!) 10:30 with the choir (and for the first time ever there were more guys than girls). Then we had a band planning meeting that was very productive and lasted only an hour (which has been my goal all along... usually it takes about an hour and a half though). Then I came home and did some reading for my classes... which ended up putting me to sleep. Later on, our friend Mike came over to do some recording with Matt. And the 3 of us went out to dinner.

Today I did a lot of reading... lots and lots and lots. I also helped matt in the garage. That's turned into a bigger project than I thought it would be. But today we primed the walls. I consider this the first visible step of progress. I'm glad the garage is the first room we decided to tackle, we can get all our mistakes... I mean, learning... taken care of in a room that gross and dirty all the time anyway. I also made the mistake of running errands around lunch time. I think everyone in the world goes shopping on labor day. I just had to get a few essentials (more primer, some school supplies, food) and it took forever. I cant wait for school to start back up so I dont have to fight screaming children in every store I go to during the week. And then I taught a piano lesson in the afternoon, which just makes me (kinda) dread the start of school because it means I go back to teaching full force. I dont know how I'm going to balance all of it. Then for dinner I made steak tacos and organic corn, one of matt's favorites. Actually the tacos are one of his favorites, the organic corn was a result of all chemically-engineered corn being sold out at Giant today. I couldnt really tell the difference, except I think this corn was more expensive.

Now I'm getting ready to go to bed. My goal was to be in bed by 11 and I think I'll actually make it. I know I'll have no problem falling asleep as soon as I get there. Tomorrow I start Fall Semester. Which means I leave the house at 6am, have 3 classes (that last 3 hours a piece) and get home around 9pm. Man what a day. I'm kinda split as to how I feel about it...
  • sucks, I hate getting up early. I think this schedule is going to force me to go back on coffee
  • yay, I get to see my friend Melissa again! thank god for her, I think I'd die of boredom otherwise :)
  • sucks, all the work, all the driving, all the sitting in uncomfortable chairs
  • yay, it's going to feel like real school
  • yay, I get to be out of the house doing something real again
  • sucks, I dont really know what i'm getting myself into
So I think this weekend was a little hint of what's to come as far as time management is concerned. I'm sure I'll keep myself busy over the next few months, but I dont mind, it's far better than doing nothing and being stuck at home all day.

Alright, well I better get going so I can make my 11:00 bedtime.