Things I've Learned

A few things I've learned in the 7-8 weeks I've been in library school:
  1. I'm no longer afraid to drive on the Beltway. Before I avoided it at all possibly costs. Now I don't mind it too much (so long as it's not rush hour, and it's not raining)
  2. I consider information more carefully. Where did it come from? What is a person's intention/motivation for giving it to you? Are you getting the whole story?
  3. The history of the computer

Things left to learn:
  1. How a library works, especially cataloging since everyone talks about it nonstop
  2. Apparently everything else the world has to offer
  3. Not to feel claustrophobic while spending time in a library


Diet Coke and Mentos

I want to try this myself.



So I think I've finally figured out why I like punk rock music so much. A lot of people dont understand how I can like it, especially considering the fact that I'm a classical music (or at least a classically trained musician). And it's very true that I love classical music. But it's also very true that I can't just listen to it anymore. I can't put it on in the background while doing other things because i've been trained to analyze and think about what makes it tick, how it's being expressed, what could be better, etc. etc. etc. Which can make it very difficult to just enjoy it. I used to listen to opera a lot, especially when writing papers. I'd just put it on in the background and type away. Unfortunately I only owned a very few opera CDs and it wasn't long before I could sing along with every note (nevermind the fact that I couldn't speak the language I was singing in, as long as you get the right vowel that's really all that matters). So then I switched to jazz.

Which worked great for a while. Because as much as classical music is complicated and intricate, jazz is that to the tenth degree. And since I didnt know enough about jazz to be able to analyze it as critically as other music, I could listen to it just fine. Until I took a jazz class. And learned a lot about jazz theory (which i found way more interesting and complex than classical by the way). And one day after taking the class, I was listening to a Thelonius Monk cd that I had listened to plenty of times before, but I heard something new... a mistake! Only a small one, it hardly interrupted the flow of the song, but it was definitely there. Not only that, but I knew what the mistake was, and how it was covered. And there went my ability to just listen to Thelonius Monk. (I can now even hear various concepts I learned in that class while listening to elevator music, by the way).

So why punk rock? Here's why: It's usually very simple. A few chords, a basic beat, a very sketchy melody (often more screaming than pitch), and LOTS of energy. There, it's analyzed as much as possible. Now I can just enjoy it. Ahhhh...

Prada and Pirates

At the moment I am sitting on a bench right outside my IT class. Tonight I am taking my final for the class. I can't believe how quickly it went by! One down, 9 or 10 to go. I usually get here about an hour and a half early and catch up on emails or other computer related things (since I can't very well bring housework with me), and usually things are pretty quiet. But today there is an Insect Science Camp going on about 2 doors down from my classroom, so there are tons of kids screaming and running down the hall (I'm not sure what screaming and running has to do with bugs, but I know it has a lot to do with kids.) And since I had a crazy amount of caffiene yesterday I managed to some how take care of all my usually Monday emails yesterday afternoon. So I guess that makes this a good time to blog.
I still have yet to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Matt and I actually drove down to Sterling on Saturday morning to try and see it, but as soon as we saw the crowds we lost interest. Then we thought about going to the local Leesburg theater last night, but never quite made it. Someone who saw it told me it was a great movie and Johnnie Depp is really really hot (I guess I this point I should reveal that my source was my teenage sister, Sarah). But that mostly all it does is set up a need for a 3rd movie. I still want to see it though. The first one was more entertaining than I ever thought possible (considering the fact that it is based on a Disney ride... I'd like to know who came up with that idea). Unfortunately, it's very rare to have a decent sequel. But we'll see.

I read The Devil Wears Prada this weekend. I heard from a couple people that is was a good, fun book. I think it was okay. I mean, it was definitely an easy read. But at times it was tough because basically the whole book is about all these crazy errands/tasks that this girl has to accomplish for her boss. All I kept thinking, the whole time, was that no one like her would put up with a job like that for as long as she does. But still, I read it. I have a hard time imagining what the movie will be (I'm assuming that constant coffee runs can get old rather quickly), but I'll probably see that too... eventually... when we can get it through NetFlix.


Weird Thing That Happened Today

Today I hung out with my friend Bianca. While we were at Reston Town Center, we stopped off at Starbucks for some ice tea and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather. While we were sitting and talking, this guy came by with a remote controlled toy car. And on the back of the car was a parrot... a real one... wearing a Starbucks apron. As he approached the store, the parrot hopped onto his hand and then the guy let it go on a tree branch near the Starbucks door. Then the guy left. As soon as he was out of sight, the parrot took off the apron and dropped it to the ground. A little while later, another guy came by and picked up the apron. The parrot stayed in the tree the whole time Bianca and I were there. Most people walked by without even noticing it, but a few stopped and pointed. As Bianca and I left, we walked by the parrot to get a close up look and it said "hello" to us. Being the polite people we are, we said "hello" back and then a few seconds later we said goodbye to the parrot and left.
Okay so I've been pretty busy. A lot of that has to do equally with school and church. Between the two responsibilities I've been running around like crazy lately. But I have to admit that I much rather have this kind of life over the sit-around-and-wait-for-piano-students kind of life I've been living for the past 2 years. Something about it gives me a greater sense of purpose and motivation. I actually feel like I'm doing something again. It's great! We'll just see how long I can keep it up before I burn out. :)