What's going on with me

Things that have happened since my last post:

1- Celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been 2 years. Some days it seems like it's been so much longer, some days it seems like it was just yesterday. In any case, I look forward to many many more anniversaries.

2- Saw Collective Soul live at the Fairfax Fair. They are a good "have fun and feel good" kinda band. Their live show was pretty good. Though I was kinda bummed that they used pre-recorded tracks along with their live instruments. Boo to that. There was a woman next to matt and I who felt compelled to dance through the entire show. Only she didnt really dance dance. It was more like a work out dance. She would do these punching motions, and stretching motions, oh and I think she did the funky chicken in there somewhere too. I told matt that it looked like she owned "Sweatin to Collective Soul."

Also, I always feel better about myself when I go see a professional, successful band that has been together for many years and they have some of the same problems we have with the band at church.
  • Example 1: At this concert, the bass player/back up vocals couldn't hear himself in his monitor and kept motioning to the sound guy that it needed to be fixed. This pretty much describes every conversation matt and I have on a sunday morning.
  • Example 2: At the Rolling Stones concert we went to last Oct or Nov, Mick Jagger messed up on a song form (went to a verse instead of a chorus). This used to be a fairly common occurance with our band, but we have managed to communicate much better so now it only happens on the very few occasions when someone makes a genuine mistake (as opposed to everyone thinking the form is something different.) If it happens to the Rolling Stones, I figure that it can happen to anyone.
Not that I go to concerts and just listen for mistakes. I go because I like the music and want to have fun. Any the things I notice certainly don't take anything away from the show, but I just cant help noticing these kinds of things. I spend a good amount of time making sure everything in our band goes smoothly, I guess I can't turn that switch off when I am watching other bands.

3- Went to the Arts Conference at Willow Creek near Chicago. I went out with matt and the lead singer of our church band. We had a great time. And it was my first business trip (it wasnt officially called that, but I'm calling it that anyway). I've always wanted a job that would send me on a business trip, so this was exciting for me. The conference itself was very helpful. I was exposed to leadership, teamwork, and artsy ideas that I wouldnt normally be exposed to. I tried as best as I could to soak it all up like a sponge, but I took notes as well so I wouldnt have to remember everything. I also want to say that it was my first time in Illinois, but I'm sure I've driven through that state at some point in my life.

4- I thought of other weird Jessica-isms:
  • I count when I walk up or down steps. I dont necessarily count the steps, or anything in particular. I just count. Usually I will start over when I reach some kind of a landing. Though I will say this, there are usually 13 steps going from one floor to the next in a standard house. I have no idea if this is true in my own house because we have a landing at some point on all our staircases.
  • I cant stand it when doors, cabinets, or drawers are left partially opened. Either it is opened all the way, or it's completely shut. Every morning after my husband goes to work, I have to close it sock drawer. He has a lot of socks, so sometimes it's tough to close the drawer; you have to smush the socks down first otherwise when you try to shut it, a sock with get in the way and prevent it from closing completely. I don't think he really cares that this happens. But every morning I feel compelled to fix it. Also, because of the way it was hung (improperly), the closet door in matt's office at home doesn't shut all the way. It drives me crazy, and I constantly try to force it to shut, but it never works. Good thing I dont spend too much time in that room.
That's about it for now. I just got home from class a little while ago. We learned about javascripting and xml. I could barely follow it and I took a programming class. Though some of the general concepts made much more sense than when I took the java class (which by the way, was probably the hardest class I have ever taken) since our teacher never really talked about how programming works in general. And if I dont understand the general concepts, it's nearly impossible for me to understand the smaller details. What I dont understand is that everyone says that musicians make good programmers... I just dont see the connection. (no matter how many times someone tries to explain to me that repeat signs are just like loops. that's just not enough of a similarity for me). So I'm ready for bed. Good night


Sports Sunday

Matt and I are currently watching the Red Sox game. Ooh, they just showed that if you go online and sign up for Red Sox Nation, you can get an ID card to show that you are an official member. I wonder if that requires some kind of payment.

I dont mind watching baseball. It's one of the few sports I can really sit and watch (though I'm usually doing other things while it's on). I think it's mostly because it's one of the few sports I really understand in terms of rules, strategies, etc. But it is slow enough that I dont have to devote my full attention to it.

Basketball is tough to watch. My theory is that it's too easy to score. Seriously when people can score into the 100s, it kind of takes away from the suspense. If I do watch basketball, I'll usually only watch the last 3 or 4 minutes. If it's any kind of a good game, that's all you need to watch anyway.

Football is somewhere in the middle. I dont really understand all the rules and fouls and strategies involved in football. But I'm learning. I definitely have to care about at least one of the teams I'm watching. Otherwise I just get bored.

Okay, back to the Red Sox.


I was just on hold with Smart Tag. Their hold music was skipping the entire time I was waiting. It was the most obnoxious thing ever.


I've seen so many episodes of the show "Sell This House" that I feel like I personally know Tanya Memme.


It's Official

This morning I had to bring in my husband's car to get the AC fixed. It was leaking all over the back of the car (we had a nice puddle on the passenger side). Unfortunately we didnt realize how bad the problem was until I removed a bag containing ALL my church materials (planning papers, all the music for Youth Sunday, instruction manuals, song lists, sheet music, etc) and found that it was completely water logged and all the stuff in it was mushy and smelled awful (especially with all the heat we had last week.) So now that's all in the trash. Yay. Anyway, this morning I hopped on the toll road on my way to the dealer in Tysons (luckily it's covered under our warranty) and ended up being behind a van with a System of A Down bumper sticker as well as a sticker that said "this machine is powered by the infinite imporbability drive." Awesome. Just had to share that.

Yesterday I had my first graduate class. I got there early for two reasons: the most important-- to avoid rush hour traffic (since class starts at 5:30), and also to run some last minute errands.
So when I got to campus the first thing I wanted to do was get my ID. I knew I had to go to the Mitchell Building, and I knew approximately where the Mitchell building was, but I figured once I got on campus I would just follow the signs to find my way. Guess what? UMD doesnt have signs to tell people where buildings are. That's crazy! And of course being the shy person I am, I didnt want to ask for directions from anyone. But I found it anyway (with a minimum of wandering). I got my ID which says GRADUATE in big letters at the top. Yay. Then I decided to go to the bookstore and make sure there werent any books required for the class. Again, since there were no signs or anything I just started wandering around. I headed toward where I thought the Student Union was (and I was right) figuring that the bookstore would most likely be there (and it was). So the good news is that I dont have to buy any books for this class. Which I'm totally fine with, I just find it a little strange. But my credit card is not complaining. While wandering I also found out a few things about the university of maryland: 1- they are a Pepsi school. I prefer Coke, but oh well. I guess I'll be drinking Sierra Mist more often. 2- they have crosswalks EVERYWHERE. Seriously it's crazy how many they have, especially how close together they are. Which is good if you are walking, but it makes driving around campus a very slow ordeal. 3- They have way more fast food places than any other school I've seen, including McDonalds, Taco Bell, and my favorite Sbarros. Unfortunately when I was there all of them were closed. Guess I'll have to pack my own snacks. Which is probably better for me anyway.

So eventually I made my way to class. Luckily a girl I met at orientation was there, so we kept each other company. I think we'll get along great, and there's a project we have to work on with partners later in the course that we've agreed to work on together. As for the class itself... it's so easy! Of course I say that now, before having done any graded work. But I mean, there's hardly any outside work to do. We have one big project at the end of the semester and 2 littler projects (that we work on with other people during class). Other than that we have a midterm and final, which are open notes, book, and internet. One blog entry we have to write (mine has to be on E-Books) and a current event related to technology that we have to present. Seriously, it's not a problem. We spent the majority of class learning the history of the computer and basics of hardware and software. I better get an A in this class. If not, I messed up big time... and I just dont see that happening. I better enjoy this while it lasts, I'm sure the rest of my classes wont be this light.

Oh and here's another pet peeve I have: Asking personal questions that take up class time. If the answer doesn't benefit the whole class, ask the teacher after it's over. This is especially true if the teacher ends early and your question causes everyone to stay an extra 20 minutes. Some of us have 1 and a half hour drives to tackle.

Ahh, how I've missed school.


Blogger and Mac

okay so i've switched most of my computer stuff over to my laptop, which happens to be a mac. I wouldnt go as far as to say that Windows is evil. I just think that Windows is stupid. I love my Mac! Unfortunately, as I've just found out, Blogger doesn't have quite as many features for macs as they do for PCs. Hmm... perhaps I need to actually start using Firefox, maybe that will make a difference. Oh well.

Wine tasting

Well Matt and I didnt quite make it out to wine tasting today... too many other things to do. I did manage to drag him down to the Leesburg Vintner shop down the street though. We go there every once and a while to buy a random bottle of wine. Typically we pick wines based on bottle design (honestly I think matt is more into design than the taste) and then we ask the woman working there if she can recommend a bottle based on what tastes we like. Today it was "sweet white wine." We just got home and started drinking the wine, it's definitely a taste I'm sure matt likes. I think it's pretty good too. Definitely sweet, but not super sweet so it's easily drinkable. Personally I love really dry white wines. We also picked up an ice wine (again, very sweet) and a bottle from italy that says "castiglia di Jesi" which I decided translates into Castle of Jessica. How could I not get it? So there's our wine tasting.

If I could, I'd put a link up to Leesburg Vintner, unfortunately I haven't been able to find a website for them. But I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area.


More Weird Jessica Quirks

So while preparing the gourmet meal of bagels and cream cheese for dinner tonight, I realized another one of my weirdnesses. While making sandwhiches, I always have to put the bread back together so the sides match. This is one of those things I never realized I did until Matt made sandwhiches one day. We were both in the kitchen and I think he had just put the peanut butter and jelly on and was getting ready to put the two pieces back together. But he was going to put them together the wrong way. As soon as I realized this I screamed out "what are you doing, that's not how it goes" or something to that effect. And this was the moment I realized my weirdness. (or it could have been a moment later when i saw the puzzled look on matt's face) Bagels present a particular challenge in this since they are very round. It's hard to tell which way they go back together so that all the sides match up perfectly again. But I'll sit there and rotate the slice around until it fits correctly. Why? I dont know, its not like it affects the taste, I just cant imagine eating a sandwhich any other way.

More Counting Down

I only have a little more than one day of freedom left. Then I enter the world of constant studying, paper writing, and long commutes. When I think about the big picture, I'm excited! Actually thinking about the first day of class... and I'm sooooo nervous. I've tried finding out some information ahead of time so I at least know what to expect, exactly how much work I'm going to be doing. Most teachers post their syllabus online or through webct or blackboard or something like that. I've searched all those things and come up with nothing, which I think is especially weird because the class is Information Technology... seems to me like the teacher isnt really utilizing it all that much. Not only that, but according to the bookstore, the teacher hasnt requested any books for the class. So I really have no idea what to expect. I hate feeling so unprepared.

So how am I spending my last few days of freedom?

Thursday I took my dog to the vet for a yearly check-up. She's all healthy. I had to pay a lot of money to find that out, but I guess it's worth the peace of mind. I talked with the vet for a little while. I mentioned to her that I was going back to school for library science and she actually told me she thought about doing the same thing She said she loves being a vet, but it's really hard for her to be around animals that are so sick all the time. She was really happy that for once she was able to work with a healthy animal (so I guess there are 2 good things that came out of that expensive appointment) even though eve was TOTALLY freaked out to be there. She also said it was tough to commit to one career for so long when you are so young (she seemed to be only a couple years older than me), I could relate. I think the only thing that gets eve into the door of the vet's office is the fact that occasionally some people have cats in the waiting room. Then we get to play the fun game of "can I eat the cat?" Fortunately they are smart enough to keep the cats and dogs in opposite sides of the office. After the vet I went out to Fairfax to have lunch with my friend harmony. She just adopted a 2 month old chihuahua so I went out there to socialize and play with her new pup. I think eve could eat her in 1 bite. It is the smallest dog i've ever seen. Very cute, but VERY needy.

Yesterday I cleaned out my car. Doesnt seem like much of a task, but considering my shedding dog and tendency to get slightly compulsive when I clean, it took a couple hours. But now it's as clean as new (or at least as clean as "used" when we bought it). Then I cleaned up a little around the house, did some vacuuming, and finally went grocery shopping. Ever since I cleaned out my fridge last month I really havent felt like getting it dirty with food again, so the only thing that's been in the fridge for teh last few weeks has been some yoghurt, tortillas, and a thing of cream cheese (this again relates back to my cleaning compulsion). But now we have some real food again. Then for dinner I made my favorite tortillini with meat sauce, and I even made my favorite angel food cake with strawberries for dessert. Yum.

Today matt and I had a lazy day. I actually slept in until 10, which I haven't done since I dont even know when. Then matt and I spent the remainder of the morning catching up on some of our dvr episodes, including a random Dr Who episode (when we thought the season ended a couple weeks ago). We ran some errands. Matt spent a good part of the day rearranging our computer set up. Our dinner tonight wasnt as glamorous as last night... bagels and cream cheese with kahlua mudslides. Matt put in the johnny knoxville movie where he pretends to be mentally challenged and enters the special olympics. When he put it in I told him that I expected to hate the movie. But we're getting close to the end and in all honesty it's no where near as awful as I expected.

There's my glamorous life. I think tomorrow I'd like to do something a little more out of the ordinary. I think I might drag matt out for a wine tasting. Though there are still lots of things to do around the house, so we'll see.