# of times I've locked myself out of the house and my car in the past week: 2

Way to go me.



Here are some of the pictures of the work I did in my parent's room. I'm still trying to get my dad to send me a picture of the completed projects.

This is what it looked like before we did anything. Love the country blue-with-hearts wallpaper... gag.

Here's me with my best friend the wallpaper steamer on Day 2 of the project. See those brown patches... that's the drywall. This wall actually didnt turn out too bad, the other walls were much much worse.

Countdown to Class

I'm back. Ready to rejoin the blogging world after my little break. You know, sometimes blogging just seems more like a chore than it should be. So at that point, I take a break until it's something I want to do again.

I realized this morning that I have less than a week before classes start. Less than a week until I'm officially a graduate student. I'm excited and kinda nervous at the same time. Luckily at orientation I met a girl who will be in both of my summer classes, so at least I dont have to worry about not knowing people the first day of class. That's always the worst. Although it was much worse in elementary and high school. At least now I dont have to worry about finding someone to eat lunch with on the first day of school. Ugh. That was always the single worst moment of moving. Unfortunately since I moved nearly every school year that sensation, through the transitive property, is now the sensation I associate with any first day of anything... school, work, whatever. But I'm trying to stay positive. I'm sure once I'm in class I'll be fine. Until then, I'll have butterflies in my stomach. I also still need to buy books and get my student ID, though at this point I think it just makes sense to wait until the first day of class to do that. Otherwise I have to make a 3 hour (roundtrip) drive for it. Which I'm just not up to at the moment. But maybe I'll make myself go on Friday. We'll see.

And two weeks ago I finally had enough courage (and knew enough about my upcoming schedule) to tell my piano students all my new life plans. I waited until then because I wanted to be able to tell them exactly when I'd be able to teach, and how much I'd be able to work. But I think I also waited because I dreaded what would happen after they all found out about my plans to go back to school and do something more than just teach piano lessons with my life. I thought I would get a lot of complaints about abandoning students, not being able to continue, and the problems of bumping piano lessons down a rung on my Grand Ladder of Priorities. But it was handled way better than I expected. Everyone is more than willing to work with my new schedule even if it inconviences them a little bit, I guess I'm worth it :) But I just have to make sure that I'm not getting into more than I can handle. I was actually hoping a couple students would opt to change teachers (not that I dont like my students). Going to school full time and working 2 part time jobs (probably about 25 hours a week total) seems reasonable to me as of now, hopefully I'll be able to keep my sanity. When I was an undergrad I learned the importance of prioritizing commitments and taking on too much the hard way. But in all honest I'm ready for life to be more of a challenge again.

On to a totally different subject...

Matt and I finally started cleaning out our "Monica's Closet" yesterday. Let me explain Monica's Closet. I took the term from a Friends episode.... In Monica's apartment there is a door in the very back next to the bathroom that was never really addressed except for in one episode where Chandler decides to find out what's in there. Of course when he discovers that it's locked, he gets more interested. Eventually he gets in and when he opens the door, he sees it crammed with all kinds of random junk. And since Monica is very organized and neat, it seems very out of character for her. But she rationalizes it by saying that she is SO neat and SO organized that everything in the closet is in there because it didnt have a proper place anywhere else in the apartment. Well that's what we were using the 3rd bedroom of our house for. It orginally started out as a recording studio for matt, then became a painting studio, then became the "it doesnt go anywhere else, so I'll just throw it in here" room... aka Monica's Closet. Ahh, we're such Friends Junkies. But now we're turning it back into a music room so matt can get back into recording and we can have a functioning room again. Yesterday we cleaned out the dozens of canvases that were in there (I was amazed at how many there were) and now we're trying to find places for all the "place-less objects" we had to clean out. I'll feel much better once it's all clean. In fact, now that I can see the floor, I am probably going to vaccuum the room for the first time ever as soon as I'm done here. Yay. One project down, seventeen thousand to go.

I feel like I'm starting to turn into a real homeowner. You know the never ending list of improvements and projects. It seems like I add to that list far more often than I cross things off of it. My dad has tried to warn me about this (since I consult him whenever I do any kind of house stuff), but I think it just comes with the territory. Plus it gives me something to do with my days. Of course I'm sure that will all change next week. But I am having a small dinner party for some of my friends from college the first week of July, so I'm using that as a deadline to get the majority of things done. Oh and my painter just stopped by to give me an esitmate on replacing our front door... looks like that's another thing I'll be able to cross off the list in about a week! yay.

Alright, I'm off to vaccuum. Arent you glad I've come back to the blogging world to share all my fascinating stories.


Pet Peeve

I hate it when people uninentionally rhyme. But even more than that, i hate when that happens in my thoughts. If it does, I'll interrupt myself and say "stop rhyming" just so it doesnt continue.


The evilness of wallpaper

Well i've been spending a lot of time at my parent's house lately. You see a few weeks ago I came up with this brilliant idea for my Mom's birthday (which was May 7th, exactly one week before mother's day.) I knew that she was going to Las Vegas to visit her brother's for a couple days and I thought that would leave us (us being my father and other siblings) with the perfect opportunity to take down this nasty wallpaper that's been in their bedroom since they moved into the house (getting close to 10 years). I shared this idea with the rest of the family, and they all agreed that it sounded good. I showed them ideas for new paint colors and they all thought those were good too. So it seemed like a great way to surprise my mom for her birthday.

So the day my mom left we moved all their furniture out of the room, well at least my dad and my uncle moved it out. I kinda stood there and commented on how much clutter my parents have kept over the years and how much dust had accumulated behind furniture. I guess this is what happens when people don't move every year of their life. Then we all sat down and tried to finalize a paint color. I was trying to get my dad's opinion since he's one of the two people who will have to live with it, but he didnt really have a strong opinion. So matt ended up picking out the colors. I certainly am not qualified to do something like that because I have this colorphobia that tends to force me into white (which is my way of not picking a color... as is evident throughout my house). Actually though since matt and I tend to use our walls more as an art gallery would, white walls work very well for us. But my parents like color. My dad freaks out a little bit when I tell him that I've never painted a wall before, but he'll get over that.
Oh and my dad was nice enough to scrape off the accoustic ceiling that night.

Day 2: My sister and I begin the daunting task of steaming off wallpaper. I only had a few hours to do this because I had an interview at the university of maryland in the middle of the day. But I was there long enough to see that I had clearly bit of more than I could chew. My mom was due back in 3 days and this wallpaper was apparently cemented to the walls. It either didnt come all the way off, or if it did come off it took every coat of paint along with it, leaving exposed drywall (or whatever the brown cardboardy stuff that makes up walls is called). Not only that, but it was a very very very slow process. But I wasnt freaking out yet. After my interview and work I went back to my parents house to start removing the glue and little bits of stuck on wallpaper. My sisters had taken down all the major panels and let me tell you, the walls were torn apart. It looked awful. I kept apologizing to my dad (who was certainly now going to be living in a room with lumpy walls) and saying that next year my mom would surely get flowers for her birthday.

Day 3: More scraping off of wallpaper bits and glue spots. That's all, just hours and hours of scraping. Right about now I'm really starting to think it might be easier to invent a time machine, go back in time, and talk myself out of this idea. I think that would be a lot easier than trying to fix the mess I made. I complain the entire time (of course this is all my fault). My dad tells me that you have to learn to enjoy the process and not just the end result. I tell him this is the most boring and tedious process I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

Day 4: Mom's back. What a short vacation. We tried to talk her into staying longer, but it didnt work. So she comes home and SURPRISE!! Not only is the room not done, but she can't even sleep in her bed or get to her closet because all the furniture is either taken apart or moved out of the room. Not to mention the patches of exposed drywall. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. I call her several times to assure her that when we're done it will look good.

Day 5: Too busy to work on it, not to mention too tired. So my dad and I took a day off.

Day 6: Bad reaction to the pain killer medication the dentist gave me, spent most of the day in bed because standing up made me so nauseaus I'd puke. That was still better than scraping off wallpaper.

Day 7: Go with Matt to sand the walls my dad patched the previous day. After sanding them I think that the room actually stands a chance of looking somewhat normal.

Day 8: Primer time! Matt and I prime the walls and ceiling. I realize the fact that I dont have a steady hand, so having me do the cut ins with the actual paint color probably wouldn't be a great idea. Matt and I also go to home depot to get the paint color. We pick a color called teepee brown with swiss white for accents and the chair rail. I end up doing the cut in with the brown color despite my shakiness. My dad freaks out when he first sees the color which causes me to freak out. But then my mom comes up and says that she really likes it so we all calm down. By the time it was done, my dad loved the color too. Also, by the time we are done, I can't move my right arm due to painting cramps. Oh by this time it's Mother's Day. So my mom got to relax while we did all the painting... though she was nice enough to make us dinner (which I think I ate so fast I didnt even have time to taste it) Fun stuff.

Today: Matt and I went over to paint the trim. Again my lack of a steady hand shows through, but tomorrow we're going to do the final touch ups and I think everything will turn out okay.

Next time I get a brilliant idea for a surprise project, someone needs to remind me: Just buy them flowers instead.


I have finally decided that I don't like scrambled eggs. I've tried to like them my whole life because other people like them. I thought maybe it was a taste that you grew into as an adult (like broccoli). I thought it was something people were just supposed to like. I thought that if they were extra fluffly, extra runny, or extra cheesey they would possess a flavor and texture that I could appreciate. But you know what... they dont. So I've finally come to terms with the fact that I just dont like eggs scrambled. I do however love eggs over easy. So I'll just stick with that.


A Look Back

I've been tagged (by Rob)

20 years ago I . . .
1. Only had a brother and 1 sister. Life was simpler then.
2. Was living in Texas... what do I remember about texas? big flying ants, armadillos rolling down our roof at night, picking bluebonnets on Easter, snow--in texas that's rare, and the very colorful rug in my pre-school class.
3. was only 4, I cant really remember anything else.

10 years ago I . . .
1. had one brother and 3 sisters. No more simple life.
2. was in the school's JROTC program under protest (I did not voluntarily sign up for it). I had to wear a uniform once a week which put me in a VERY bad mood. The only reason I did well in the class was because I knew that whenever you made a mistake you had to do push-ups. I did very few pushups.
3. Attempted downhill skiing for the 3rd and final time. It just wasnt for me.

5 years ago I . . .
1. Was taking finals as a college freshman. Which probably meant that right about now I was drinking coffee, making study sheets, sleeping about 3 hours a night, and things like runnning out of toothpaste made me cry. By my sophmore year I learned how to handle the stress and pressure of finals week a little better.
2. Auditioned to get into school at Mason. That was my 2nd public performance in my life. They asked me to sight read something and I'm pretty sure I didnt get a single note right, but I got in somehow anyway. I also met a guy named Steve who played tuba while waiting for the audition... he later turned into my good friend TubaSteve.
3. Spent the summer as a nanny. It was one of the worst jobs I've ever had. The kids were alright, but half way through the summer, their mom got laid off and so she was home all the time. But she still insisted on keeping me around for some reason. Establishing yourself as an authority figure with someone else's kid is hard... doing it while their parents are constantly with you is impossible. I ended up turning into a chauffer/personal servant for the family. Never again.

3 years ago I . . .
1. My fiance and I moved into our first house after waiting nearly 8 months for it to be built.
2. Spent a majority of my days practicing some kind of instrument or voice skill.
3. Finally decided what my major was going to be (and didnt change it after that).

1 year ago I . . .
1. Had my first piano recital for my piano students. Everyone did an awesome job. No one burst into tears and ran out in the middle of their performance (my biggest fear).
2. Spent my first wedding anniversary at Morimoto's eating the best meal I've ever had in my life (which I wrote about in one of my blogs).
3. learned how to make oatmeal the old fashioned way, yum!

So far this year I . . .
1. Have gone to california for the first time, and spent an awesome day in San Fransisco by myself.
2. Was accepted into graduate school
3. visited mike in florida and drank from the fountain of youth.

Yesterday I . . .
1. Spent the morning scraping wallpaper remains off of my parents bedroom in an effort to surprise my mom.
2. Taught piano lessons in the afternoon... preparing for a recital in 2 weeks
3. Spent the night scraping off more wallpaper remains. wallpaper is evil.

Today I . . .
1. Had a minor surgery to reduce the bone near a tooth I recently had root canal on.
2. Am currently watching tv, holding an ice pack on my cheek, and finishing up this blog.
3. Will hopefully teach more piano lessons before going back to my parents house to wash off wallpaper glue with my dad. wallpaper is very evil.

Tomorrow I will . . .
1. Meet with people from church to discuss rock n roll summer ideas
2. Hopefully be able to eat solid food
3. rehearse a Spice Girls song that will be played in church this weekend. (wow, there's something I never thought I'd do)

In the next year I will . . .
1. Go to new york for a family reunion
2. Start graduate school
3. power wash and seal the fence and deck

In the next minute I will tag . . .

1. whoever else enjoys doing these as much as i do!