College Advice

Wise Advice I have received though the years. And I actually followed it.

  • Whenever you write a paper, make sure the subject of the paper is as specific as possible. Dont write about what happened to you one day, write about what happened to you one minute. Dont write about Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, write about the premier day of the Rite of Spring. That way you can give complete and thorough details.
  • Always go to class. Always, always, always.
  • Get to know your professors, visit them during their office hours at least once during the semester. Even if it's just to say hi.
  • Talk to your professors about your tests results when you get them back.
  • Rewriting your notes is a great way to study
  • You dont go to school to be something, you go to school and become something.

I try to tell this to anyone I know that is in college or about to go to college. If I could only pick one of these to follow, it would definately be "always go to class."



Here is my umm... horoscope? from today. If anyone understands what this means, please let me know 1

If love were a three-ring circus, your relationship would have five rings! And ten elephants! And a couple of tigers! And at least one big top! And you wouldn't charge admission, and all visitors would get free popcorn.

On second thought, I probably dont want to know.

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For the record, I think that horoscopes serve entertainment purposes only... which seems to be especially true today.


Weapon of Choice: Dewey Decimal System

Things that have happened today:

  1. It takes my sister a million years to make decisions. um..... um..... um.... (do that a few thousand more times and you will know how i feel). Yet I still have fun with her anyway. After all she did teach me the Cotten-Eyed Joe dance today-- or at least her variation of it. We kinda made up whatever parts she couldnt remember.

  2. My brother loves My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. He has it on his iTunes and it's one of the very few songs he's rated.
    He gave it Star Star Star Star Star stars. Ahh, my brother.

  3. My friend, known as TubaSteve, told me they make a Librarian Action Figure. And he owns it. I find this very amusing. Ha Ha Ha, comes with "amazing shushing action." TubaSteve rocks!

That's all I have to say for today.


Yay for Sunshine

Finally the sun came out. I was getting very sick and tired of all the raininess. When it's gloomy outside I get very groggy and have a hard time being productive, but that changes if the sun is out. So I'm glad it's back... means I get more work done.

Time Waisting Website for the Day: Am I Blue or Not?

Weekend 3


Season Finales

It's that time of the year again... Time to wrap up all my favorite shows in the season finale week. Here are my take on them:

  1. My Wife and Kids (from last week): I love this show. I think the cast is hysterical (except for that little brainiac kid who's just plain annoying). It's one of those shows that I never want to miss, yet seems as though not many other people are watching. So for this season finale the big shocker was (duh duh duuuuh) Jay gets pregnant. Which I suppose is a good way to end a season, definitely makes me want to watch next season. The only problem is that the surprise was TOTALLY given away in the previews. Not in a subtle way either, it was very blunt and caused me to have a "so what I already knew that was going to happen" moment at the end of the show. That being said, it's still a hilarious show and I cant wait for next season.

  2. 24. By far my favorite show to watch. And this finale was no exception. I was surprised because the show ended without a national disaster or one of the main characters being killed off (for real). The whole Jack fakes his death is intriguing. I've heard speculation on the radio that Season 5 will find Jack working black ops with David Palmer, Michelle, Tony, and Chloe. It should be interesting to see what they really do come up with next. And hopefully it will be very different (I could go without the crazy/problem daughter, nuclear threat, spy in CTU, and someone's loved one being a hostage that seems to plague the show each season). But as I stated in my last post on 24, Tony and Michelle live happily ever after and that's really all I care about.

  3. The Contender- I have to admit, I dont care much for boxing. For some reason I just cant find the entertainment in watching two guys beat each other up. However, I did like watching the show. Mostly because the majority of the show was focused on the emotional state of the guys. And let me tell you these guys were emotional. It was pretty much guarenteed that at least one of them would cry at some point in each show (and not because someone was beating the crap out of them). And it wasnt so bad watching the fights because whoever edited it decided that they would put all the big punches in slow motion (probably so the audience knew they were big punches and also for the drama), which helped me understand who was winning (though any time I saw blood, I turned away or closed my eyes-- yuck). The one downfall of the show... you end up liking most of the boxers. So for the finale, I really wasnt rooting for either guy more than the other. It was like "well Sergio is obviously better. and he wants to take care of his mom, so it would be good for him to win." and then at the same time "Manfredo is a good guy, and probably the underdog in this fight (always fun to cheer for the underdog) and he deserves to win too." Either way, seems to me that the result would have been good. So as far as the finale goes, I'd have to say it wasnt the same as the regular shows. We didnt get too see the boxers interact with each other in the days leading up to the fight, no slow-motion punches, or post-fight reflections. (though there were plenty of post-fight talks of a rematch. Seriously people, can we let this fight end before we start talking about the next one... do you have to try to bank in on everything humanly possible?) And congrats to Sergio.

So that's it. All 3 of the shows I watch regularly are over for now.

Now what am I going to watch during the summer?


Teaching piano

Ah, there are some days when I really love my job.

I mean, i love my job pretty much all the time. I wish I had a few more perks though... I wish I could teach a full 40 hours a week (school schedules prevent that from happening), earn paid vacation hours (and other pretty standard benefits), and work mornings instead of evenings. Then it would be perfect. But even without those things, I still really love my job.

When I was growing up, I never even once thought "hey I want to be a piano teacher." I think for a long time I actually wanted to do something in the English field, writing or editing... (which I still think would be a lot of fun). The idea of being a piano teacher didnt really occur to me until I was studying music in college. And even then, I didnt really think i'd be very good at it (I'm not the greatest pianist around). But I took a class on piano pedagogy and to my surprise, I really enjoyed it, and I was pretty good at it too. Not only that, but other people thought I was good as well.

One of the requirements for the class was to observe and student-teach with an established local piano teacher for a short period of time. I went into this totally intimidated. The last thing I wanted was to have to teach someone else's students in front of them... and then have them tell me how good (or bad) i did. But the first time I had to teach one of the students, it was amazing. I dont even know how I did it, but I think whatever I did was awesome. It seemed like one of those out of body experiences. I could see myself going through these motions but I felt kind of disconnected from myself. The best way I could probably describe it is: it felt like I had just tapped into a "teaching power" that was previously unknown to me. After working with the teacher came the moment of truth... her critique of me. And all she said was "whatever you are doing, keep doing it and you'll make a great teacher." What a great thing to say! But I wanted to know what I was doing poorly so I could improve, so I asked her for some specific constructive criticism, and she just said "you do a great job of connecting with the kids, even though you've only known them a short time, I think that's going to be the thing that sets you apart." Nothing negative (weird since we are trained to constantly point out what everyone is doing wrong). I was really touched by what she said. And it gave me the confidence I needed in order to become a teacher.

So now that is my selected occupation. I teach. I have a full studio with a bunch of really great kids. Most of them are beginners and they havent been playing long (less than a year). But it amazes me how well they are doing. I dont think most people realize how difficult playing an instrument can be. It takes a LOT of work, consistent work too, cramming gets you no where (believe me I've tried). I have a lot of respect for these kids I see every week, not everyone has the dedication needed for learning piano. But I count myself fortunate to have been blessed with a great job, filled with great students.

But enough of that for now... I need to go eat dinner.


Sunny Days

Got lots to do today and tomorrow, but I just dont seem to have the energy right now. I'd much rather just read my books. Oh well ...

Mood... Mellow

San Giorgio Maggiore, Twilight
By Claude Monet


Star Wars

So my husband and I went to see the final Star Wars movie last night. Here are some thoughts:

  • First of all, there is a reason we dont go to the theater much anymore. Actually there may be several... crowds, uncomfortable seats, and outrages ticket prices. Give me the comfort of my own home any day. I really dont care if that means I have to wait a few extra months for the DVD in order to see the movie. But for special occasions, like Revenge of the Sith, we make an exception to go out.
  • Good story. If you take the star wars series as a whole, it's a great story... Good versus Evil, lots of heart, great villains, and light sabers. Now when it comes to the original trilogy, versus the recent trilogy... no contest as far as which is better. However, i think the first three episodes had so much more potential than was realized (you probably could have cut out most of the first episode altogether and spent more time developing the transformation of Anakin to Vader). But I think the best part of the movie last night was seeing why Anakin became Vader. It makes the original trilogy much more meaningful. And you can see all the parallels between Anakin and Luke.
  • Execution of Revenge of the Sith. SUCKED! There were so many awkward scenes, bad dialogue, and way too unnecessarily busy backgrounds throughout the movie. Seriously, if this wasnt a Star Wars film, no one would have liked it. I think right now it's popularity is riding on the fact that everyone loved the originals. So much so that they were willing to put up with all the bad direction, weak acting, and cheesey/lame dialogue. I hope someday in the future, when Lucas's rights to the films have expired, someone else who knows what they are doing will come along and remake the first three episodes. That being said, lucas did come up with a good story, but perhaps should have been more willing to let someone else help him in telling it.
  • Just a few parts that stood out (this might give some of the movie away): the whole "you're so beautiful" scene between Anakin and Padme... does cheesier dialogue exist? I think not. Anakin's rampage at the Jedi Temple... seriously? even the little kids? so sad, how is it that he was able to turn so suddenly? Padme dies even though she is physically fine... she loses the will to live (even though she's just given birth), i find that so hard to believe that I dont even want to begin to go into it here.
  • Selling out. All I have to say about this is it amazes me how much Star Wars paraphenalia is everywhere. Too much.

So that being said, I still think it's worth seeing, just to get the story. But I actually think this would have made a far better book in which you could read the story and envision your own action. All I can say for anyone who hasnt seen it yet... dont go in with high expectations. Perhaps I just feel this way because I tend to look past all the visual bells and whistles that Lucas seems to spend so much time perfecting. But in all honesty that stuff doesnt really mean anything when it comes to the actual story line, character development or anything of substance. And while the visuals may be amazing (and they are, I'm not saying they arent good) I think they detract from the best part of the movies. Am i just supposed to turn off my brain and let my eyes enjoy the movie? Unfortunately, I think that's probably what movies are coming to.



Some updates: (nothing too exciting going on)

  1. Allergies- it's that time again. Though i dont get the typical congestion, sneezing, coughing allergies. I get itches. My whole face itches like crazy, especially my eyes and nose. I expect this to last through until June. And there's really not much i can do about it.

  2. 24- Season finale next week... AHH i cant wait. That show has way too much suspense for me.

    Here is how I would like it to end:
    Jack captures that chick who is working with Marwan (sp?). She willingly gives up the info about the missile because she realizes that she was wrong. The missile is intercepted, the country lives happily ever after. Tony is safely returned to Michelle, and they live happily ever after (my husband suggests they do a spin-off in which Tony and Michelle attempt a "normal" life in the country after their crazy lives at CTU). Audry realizes that Jack was only doing what he had to do to find the nuclear missile and forgives him, they live happily ever after. President Palmer runs for re-election and wins (getting rid of the wussy guy they currently have), he too lives happily ever after.

    Here's how I expect it to end:
    Jack finds the chick who's holding Tony hostage, she refuses to give up the info and also kills Tony (breaking Michelle's heart). The missile strikes a huge city (either NY or DC) without any warning time for evacuation. Marwan gets away to plan his next attack (next season?). Audry drumps Jack as soon as he gets back to CTU headquarters. President Palmer goes back to doing the "swoop and squat" commercials. Needless to say, not so many "happily ever after" scenarios in this one.

    At least I'm not in denial, I know 24 likes going for those "i cant believe they did that" endings. Actually all I ask is that Tony and Michelle get through this season alive. That would make me happy.

  3. Wedding- We went to a wedding this weekend. Congrats to the happy couple! It was a little far away (like a 2 hour drive), but we had a very nice time. I was concerned because I knew that we wouldnt really know anyone at the wedding, but fortunately we sat a table with a very nice chatty couple. The wedding took place at a mansion back in the woods. It was so peaceful (and beautiful). It gave us a good chance to just relax. I dont think it's possible to feel that peaceful anywhere in Northern Virginia. Stress just oozes all over this area.

That's about it for now.



I found a cool site with lots of neat java scripts you can add to your site.

I added the Toggler game to my sidebar. And just so you know, it is possible to win. I did it in 6 moves. See if you can do it in less...

I also got these way cool Post Ems 1 ... they are the footnotes of the future.
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I wish they could use these in books instead of footnotes. I hate footnotes.


The Case of the Missing Mailbox

I just took my dog out for a short walk. I figured we'd walk around the townhouse and check the mailbox. So we headed off on our routine mail-check walk... and as we approached the mailbox I took my keys out so I could be ready to get the mail as quickly as possible (my dog has a hard time standing still when we are outside). As I lifted my hand to put the key in the mailbox I realized... the mailbox is missing! The whole entire box for our street is gone. For about two seconds I was completely perplexed (and wondered if i was losing my mind). My first thought was "isnt this where the mailbox should be? am I in the wrong place?" But then I looked down at the ground and saw four long screws sticking up where the mailbox should have been, so then I figure that it's not a matter of me being in the wrong place, instead it must have something to do with the removal of the mailbox. This whole time I was still standing with my hand up as if I were unlocking the imaginary box (probably looking like an idiot... a very confused idiot at that), a lady happened to be walking out to her car close by. She probably saw me in my state of confusion and was kind enough to explain the situation. Apparently someone ran into the mail box this afternoon and damaged the base, so they had to remove it and it should be replaced shortly. At the time the situation struck me as interestingly bizarre. Now after writing about it, it seems pretty mundane.

ps- How do I get my mail?


Happy Birthday

Today is my sister's sweet sixteen. Happy Birthday to her!

It also happens to be my dog's 3rd birthday (my husband and I randomly selected this day to celebrate her birthday... well maybe not so random since it also happens to be my sister's bday).

And it's also Cinco de Mayo.

Lots of reasons to celebrate.


Being Productive

Mood... Focused

Composition with Red, Blue, Yellow
By Piet Mondrian


Hey I have a cup just like that :)



"Sweetest Lord, make me appreciative of the dignity of my high vocation, and its many responsibilities. Never permit me to disgrace it by giving way to coldness, unkindness, or impatience."
...especially the impatience part.

The Practice Spot

Anyone who teaches music may find these sites helpful (I use them quite often):

You can get note spellers, rhythm drills, scales, theory sheets, teaching tips, and all kinds of great stuff (for free!)



This weekend my husband and I took his parents out to dinner. We went to a new (to us) restuarant, Bonefish. It was great!

I try not to think of myself as a yuppie, but when it comes to eating out, I think it's pretty hard for me to avoid that. It's not that I like expensive exotic foods, and that I have to go to upscale places. I'm not even a very picky eater... but I do have certain preferences.

First Point: When I eat out, I want to eat something that I cant cook at home. I'm not going out to eat something like spagetti if I can just make it myself (and it will cost less too!).

Second Point: I also like to try something different when I go to restuarants. It's very rare that I will eat the same thing when I go out. I like trying new things, seeing what they have to offer. I mean there are times when I'm craving Sesame Chicken from our favorite Vietnamese place, so I'll go just for that. But overall I like experimenting. Eating out should be special... that's my philosophy anyway.

Third Point: the last thing that probably pushes me into the yuppie category, is that I like eating quality food. I dont need a huge plate overflowing with crappy food which makes me feel as though I'm getting my money's worth. I want fresh ingredients, prepared correctly, and good taste. This is why I shy away from buffets. As much as I want to like them, it's really hard for me. I just never know how old the food is... how long has it been sitting there? and before that how long was it just sitting in the kitchen? are they leftovers from yesterdays food? And usually they taste a little stale.

But that's why I really liked Bonefish. I checked out their website and they made a point of saying that they get all their fish as fresh as possible (1 point-- freshness). They had a pretty good menu, I ended up having Swordfish with Mango Salsa (mmm... mango salsa, I think that's the new big trend in cuisine at the moment). The last time I had swordfish was when my grandpa made it back when I was probably 8 (I dont actually have any idea how old I was, all I know is I was very young, and I liked it a whole lot) (2 points--something I wont, or cant, ever cook for myself and something I havent had in a long time). So there you go, Bonefish met all 3 of my qualifying points.

And... the atmosphere was great, we had a really nice waiter. It was a little pricey (for us), but I think the money was well worth the quality of the food. The portion sizes were pretty good too-- everyone ended up with a little something for later (aka- doggy bag).

So I highly recommend Bonefish, especially if you like seafood. And I look forward to going back.



Well I just checked out Beck's site and here are the offical lyrics.

I saw her, yeah I saw her with her black tongue tied
Round the roses
Fist pounding on a vending machine
Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger
With a noose she can hang from the sun
And put it out with her cheap sunglasses
Walking crooked down the beach
She spits on the sand where their bones are bleaching

And I know I'm gonna steal her eye
She doesn't even know what's wrong
And I know I'm gonna make her die
Take her where her soul belongs
And I know I'm gonna steal her eye
Nothing that I wouldn't try

My..... girl
My..... girl

I saw her, yeah I saw her with her hands tied back
And her rags were burning
Crawling out from a landfilled life
Scrawlin her name upon the ceiling
Throw a coin in a fountain of dust
White noise, her ears are ringing
Got a ticket for a midnight hanging
Throw a bullet from a freight train leaving

And I know I'm gonna steal her eye
She doesn't even know what's wrong
And I know I'm gonna make her die
Take her where her soul belongs
And I know I'm gonna steal her eye
Nothing that I would not try

My..... girl

So still... no "official answer." However, on another part of the site, they refer to this song as having an alternate title "Summer Girl." So I think that answers my question.

I still like sonar better.

Pansie Time (part III)

Ever since my Spring Cleaning week (or two weeks) I really have lost the energy for cleaning. I feel as though since i cleaned so much in that short amount of time, I deserve a cleaning break. So I took one. Though now I'm noticing the effects of that break. I suppose it's time to get back to my cleaning schedule. Blah

My husband and I just worked on part 3 of our garden. We put down some bricks to frame it, and laid down a little mulch. But i think we need to make another trip to home depot before we can finish it all the way. I think at most I can garden for about 1 hour. Then I get bored and my back starts hurting... time to move on.

The new Beck CD, Guero, is awesome. Everyone should check it out. One of my favorite songs istrack 3 (I think), Girl. The chorus goes something like this:
"Hey my (something mumbled) Girl... my (mumble) girl"
Since I'm the type of person who needs to know the lyrics to all the songs I listen to (so I can sing along of course). I had to check out the lyric sheet to figure out the mystery word in between "my" and "girl." It's sounds to me like it could be "summer" or "sonar" or some two syllable word beginning with an "s." I thought it was weird that the title didnt include the word. So I open the liner notes and find the song... okay, here's the words to the chorus:
"My ... girl"
What? those arent the words. He distinctly says something in between, and I'm pretty sure it's not "elipses." Ugh, so now I'm going to have to do an internet search to figure out the mystery.

My husband said he talked to someone at work about it and they looked it up (online?) and found out that the missing words are "sun-eyed." That would make it:
"Hey, my sun-eyed girl."
Well that's okay, I guess it's better than "summer" but I actually kind of like "sonar" better. I still havent checked out the lyrics online for myself yet... I think I'll do that right now.